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Aug 7, 2006 01:00 AM

HELP!!! Restaurant near Jones Beach....

We have tix for Van Morrison tomorrow (Monday)night. Is the Boardwalk restaurant still open? If not, what are some decent restaurants nearby?

Thanks much for any suggestions.

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  1. the boardwalk restaurant has been torn down to make way for a new one thats due to open in either the summer of 2007 or 2008. why not try the nearby nautical mile in freeport? two of my favorites there are EB Elliotts and Hudson and McCoy. Hope this helps you :)

    1. "Decent" and "nearby" leave an awful lot of leeway. There are lots of eating places on Merrick Road between parkways Wantagh and Meadowbrook. I've heard some good regarding Snaps on Wantagh Avenue between Merrick Rd. and Sunrise Highway but don't really know. I DO know that RS Jones in Merrick IS excellent.

      1. I think it might be too late for you, but others might be interested in Per 'Un Angelo, an Italian restaurant just off Wantagh Ave. in Wantagh- just off the Wantagh Parkway. We ate there recently and everything was delicious. It is appropriate for families and also a quiet dinner. Excellent, old style service. It in an old fashiioned, not at all fancy hotel with a wonderful elegant restaurant hidden inside. They erved a complimentary bruschetta while we were ordering and cordials afterwards.

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          Leslie, went there for the first time last evening. We were a party of eight and it was excellent from beginning to end.

          Everything an Italian restaurant should be.

        2. I am assuming you will be driving from Brooklyn. I hate to assume. I live in Long Beach and there are great places in the area. Not sure if you know how to get to LB -- go torwards JFK and follow the signs to Long Beach (Nassau Expy). In LB -- you have The Saloon, Speakeasy (new), Whales Tale, Swingbellies, Duke Flacons, Ginos, Nagahama (sushi) all on Beech Street or Park Avenue. Or you can go to Point Lookout (recommended as it is really close to Jones Beach) which is the exit right before Jones Beach on the Meadowbrook. There you have Lazy Pelican (fun, pretty resonsable and beachy), Ovlie Oils, Jo Jo Apples or of the main road --make a left and you have the takeout seafood place or Fishman's Catch (seafood and a little pricey).

          Freeport and Wantgh are great but in the opposite direction if you are coming from Brooklyn. I hope this helps

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