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Aug 7, 2006 12:44 AM

Streetsboro, Ohio, and environs

hola, hounds;
Saint Paul hound is visiting family, and getting together with an old friend for drinks and dinner on Monday. Looking to rendezvous in Streetsboro, and go from there, but this is about getting together to catch up, not a road trip.
Streetsboro seems to have more than its fair share of McWendlbee's Neighborhood GlobalChains, and we can make that do in a pinch. But what a terrible pinch that would be, if something better is there.
Any thoughts? Cuisine less important than the availability of cocktails and solid chow in a room where two old friends can chat without yelling, or being tortured by costumed walkarounds, big screen televisions, etc.
Hudson is probably not too far to go, if that helps.

TIA, everyone!

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  1. Hudson has a nice Thai restaurant a couple miles south of town. Sorry, do not remember the number of the north-south highway that goes by Hudson's village green.

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      I'll second the nomination for Pad Thai on Darrow Road in Hudson. It is the best Thai/Cambodian/Vietnamese food in the Cleveland area. Nicely decorated, nice bar, just a large menu with well prepared food.

    2. I can't help with Streetsboro but Hudson has quite a few good choices. The main road that runs through Hudson is Route 91, which you can access from 480, which you can get from Streetsboro. If you take 480 to the 91 exit (one exit) and turn L off the exit (to proceed towards Hudson vs. Twinsburg), about 2 miles down the road on the R is Marcelita's mexican restaurant. Pretty traditional tex-mex but of note are their excellent Margaritas, low prices and what I think is the best mole sauce in the country. Be sure to ask for the extra hot salsa.

      Hudson has several newer places that are good as well - Yours Truly, which is a good diner for breakfast/lunch, a place called Vue and I believe a wine bar, the name of which escapes me - all of these are in downtown proper as opposed to out on 91 where Marcelita's is.

      Good luck and enjoy your stay!

      1. Downtown 140, in Hudson on 91 rights across from the clocktower, is wonderful.

        1. Thanks, everyone.
          We ended up at Vue, which worked out well for us. It was a slowish night, so we didn't feel like we were preventing our server from turning the table.
          Our server knew her menu, and was attentive without being cloying. The way she described menu items (explaining just what a terrine is, or comparing Serrano ham to prosciutto) suggested that the notion of contemporary fine dining may be facing an uphill slog in Hudson. That was a bit of a surprise to me.
          I started with a beet and goat cheese salad, which was a perfectly edible example of the type. Oddly, the beets were chopped/shredded fairly small, causing my companion to speculate about the beets being pre-chewed. But she doesn't like beets, so what do you expect. There were charming little decorative shapes cur from red and gold beets, which were a nice touch.
          We both followed our starters with a steak special, which had a dab of some kind of trick tapenade on top, and was perfectly nice.
          While there was nothing that made me ponder how quickly I could stick up a liquor store in order to fund a return, it fit our needs very well, and it was some of the better higher end dining that I have experienced in NE Ohio recently.
          Though I must immediately qualify that by saying that I don't get to try that kind of thing more than about once a year, so please don't think that I'm calling myself an authority!

          Thanks to everyone for the suggestions; I may try Marcelita's on my next visit to the Portage County area


          1. thanks for reporting back, I always wonder after we make suggestions what the person/people ended up doing. Glad you enjoyed your visit.