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Aug 6, 2006 11:51 PM

great food eateries in Peterborough, Ontario

Iam going to be visting a friend in Peterpatch and would like to take im out for dinner/lunch. Anyone know of good eats there?

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  1. Ha, good luck. (I grew up in Peterborough; I feel I can say that.)

    There's a place called something like Hot [Sauce? Pepper? something] Cafe on Water Street that's fine - kind of funky, with jambalaya and fish and stuff. And at the corner of Hunter and Water there's a slightly upscale place that the locals say is good.

    Sorry I can't do any better for you; good luck.

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      That is Hot Belly Mama' is delish!!

    2. last time i was in peterborough (which, granted was 2 or 3 years ago), i was at a nice little brewpub called the old stone brewing company. excellent beer, and very decent food. i recall having a grilled veggie sandwich on chipotle sourdough which was quite tasty.

      1. Do a search on here on Peterborough. There have been a number of really good suggestions made in the past little while. Beleive me, the Patch is filled with some good spots, especially in the downtown core.

        1. Hot Bellied Mamas is great! And, it's been a loooong time since I ate regularly in Peterborough, but I've heard really good things about the greek place kitty corner to Trent Radio, where the Shish Kabob Hut used to be, at Water and Parkhill.
          ...ah, has it been that long since my Trent salad days...

          1. Where to start?

            Parkhill on Hunter for upscale
            38 Degrees
            Old Bridge Inn (at Young's Point, just 20 minutes north east of Peterborough)-- seared foie gras done to perfection
            Saporito's for great Italian
            St. Veronus for Belgian beer and the best panninis
            A Moveable Feast for the best coffee
            Also, previous sous from Bymark is now at Irwin Inn (open for lunch and dinner to non-guests - call first)
            Old Stone Brewery/Hot belly Mama's
            Cosmic Charlie's for thai
            La Hacienda for authenic mexican
            Old Mill at Islandview resort (yuong's point) for the BEST patio!
            Brio Gusto for eclectic wine pairings - same for Elements
            Cervantes for spanish tapas
            Electric Clove
            Ward Street Grill in Bridgenorth (just north of Peterborough)... Excellent sweet pot fries with an aoili dip...