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Aug 6, 2006 11:43 PM

Asian Supermarkets in Suffolk or Nassau Counties?

I know there is a small market in Stony Brook on Route 347. I was in Hicksville the other day, and couldn't find the place on West John Street -- is it still there? Any other good spots, preferably North Shore?

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  1. Not really on the north shore...more mid-way, but H-Mart in Williston Park is worthy. They have great vegetables and pretty good fish. The clientele is mostly Asian...which is a good sign of course. Beware of the staples though....very overpriced. I only shop there for the above mentioned items.

    It's in the shopping center at the intersection of Hillside Ave. and Herricks Road.

    1. You want to visit

      V&T Supermarket
      12 North Franklin Street (near Front)

      Enormous Asian supermarket with attached food court. Great roast meats!

      1. Hows the roast duck at V&T? as well as the other cooked items on display.I liked the store.Do you know if they carry XO sauce I ask but at the time stock people had difficuty with communications although they appeared to be making an effort to be helpful Thankyou

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          If you mean from the smallish food court before you enter the supermarket proper, I've had it a couple of times and let me tell you it is great. All the food I have tasted in that little area is tasty and not your standard American-Chinese offerings. The rice is light but a little sticky - thats fine - the hot and sour soup is actually hot AND sour, and the bok choy is excellent.
          It is incredibly cheap - but be aware the surroundings may be a little off-putting - sure everyone is friendly,especially the food serving staff and all the customers seem to be enjoying their food - but the tables and chairs have seen better days, and the general eating area is a little, shall we say - basic.
          That being said - I'm gonna keep going there even if they don't change a thing.

        2. There is an Asian Supermarket in Hicksville on West John Street. It is a little tricky to find, since it is set back next to a building signed 'AVA'. It is on the south side of the street, opposite a strip mall, about hallfway between Cantiague Road and Broadway.

          Their prices on some items are ridiculously low. Good selection of Chinese veggies. There is a fresh fish and meat section.

          Many of the imported products, spices and dried material are very reasonable. Good selection of sauces and condiments.

          I do not think that the market posts an English identifying name, but just says something like food.

          1. From an old post I saved: "Don't forget about the more-or-less unnamed/unmarked warehouse of the giant asian wholesaler JV Trading at 385 West John Street in Hicksville (West of the LIRR and Post office, right before the entrance to Cantiague Park on the south side of the road) (888)369-8688. It's open to the public and looks very much like a warehouse compared to the beautiful Super H Markets, but has evvvvvvverything and the prices are chinatown crazy low. Good seafood selection and huge cold storage room (fruits, veggies, fresh noodles, etc.), too." Their wholesale website is AKA Asian Food Market/Warehouse.

            I found many of their prices on packaged goods to be cheaper than anywhere else.