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Aug 6, 2006 11:33 PM

What is going on?

The list of posts for the Bay Area board seems to be recycling posts from a year ago. I have noticed this several times.

What is going on?

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  1. It's a feature, prpjam - meaning, it's on purpose. On the new chowhound, whenever someone replies to a thread it goes to the top. So if someone replies to something really old, it'll resurface as though it were new.

    I like it, actually. It's a kind of Darwinism thing - the most interesting stuff rises to the top rather than dying..

    1. If you'd prefer not to see old posts resurface, you can change your page view by "date started" instead of "latest reply".

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        But if you do that, you may miss a lot of interesting posts.

        1. Melanie, how do you "change your page view by "date started" instead of "latest reply".

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          1. re: anndillman

            If I may, the option is listed under the board heading. ex. if you hit the Site Talk board, underneath is View By: with date started and latest reply in different colors. Just hit the one you want and the board will re-order all the threads to your desire.

          2. ....also, it was remarked in another Site Talk thread that sometimes an old thread will come up WITHOUT a new reply.

            It was explained that this occurs because a spammer has hit a thread. The spam gets deleted by the mods, but the thread resurfaces anyway. This happened about a week ago on a Chico thread.