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Aug 6, 2006 11:08 PM

Want really bad food? Go to Baton Rouge - Eaton Centre

I recently took clients to the Baton Rouge Eaton Centre. The food was inedible, the service terrible. And the manager, even more disappoiting. My customer ordered chicken fingers - how bad could they be? No taste whatsoever, veins in them (hey,at least they were real meat.. the veins proved that!) and so much tastless and greasy batter on them - yes, batter, that she did not wish to eat them. The manager said that everyone loved them - thanks for that, and for leaving them on the bill after she ate one of them and left the plate full. I was embarrased having brought us there. My meal was equally as bad - a wet (yes, wet) salad with overcooked noodles in a sugary -syrapy sauce.. gross. I too left it - not just because my customer was not eating, but becausae it too was horrible. If you chose to waste your money, head to the Baton Rouge. Otherwise, enjoy the City Grill at the Eaton Centre, or walk down to Jack Astor's on Front - the food at Jack's is ALWAYS CONSISTENT and tasty, and the City Grill has not let me down either. Lesson learned.

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  1. Well Derek at least you let us know its at the eaton center.

    1. I like the City Grill as well. Had 1 meal at Baton Rouge, pretty ordinary.

      1. Is the one in North York equally bad?

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          I ate there once. I had the ribs that they're always bragging about and they were good. The thing is, most people make good ribs. My friends both ate steaks and were quite happy. My wife was happy with her seafood whatever it was. The bottom line is, without the great wine reco from the waiter, it was an all round uneventful meal. I don't see going back.


        2. in my opinion baton rouge should only be gotten to, if all other rest. are closed and oyu are dieing of hunger

          1. I couldn't agree with you more. The service and food is terrible. I avoid it at all costs unless someone if adamant on going. yuck.