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Aug 6, 2006 11:02 PM

Worst Mexican Ever in Toronto - La Mexicana on Bathurst

I recently had a craving for Mexican food and went to La Mexicana on Bathurst. This dirty little place was hot (a/c was barely working and it was 35 degrees outside), felt like an old basement and did not smell great. Now, onto the food. I asked for a bottle of water which was warm - the waitress apologized but did not bring ice until I asked. Who wants warm water on a boling hot Toronto day? The nachos were greasy and the oil they were fried in was definitely 'old oil' The salsa - my favorite Mexican food - was terrible.. like water.. watery, no taste, no flavor. I asked for Pico de Gallo (sp?) and it was disgusting - she charged me for it too and it was so bad! The tomtatoes were in the fridge and a few large chunks of white onion and some parsley - no corriander. Yet another disappointment. On to the mains - I had fajita's - and get a load of this - the chicken was totally plastic-like and covered in lawry's salt - gross. Like rubber. And on the skillet, which was dirty, there were 3 red pepper strips and one green pepper strip, 3 onion strips and that was it! My buddy had some sort of mixed plate which was equally as bad - no flavor. Perhaps this was due to what appeared to be asian chefs? In any event, yet another truly disappointing Toronto dining experience. All bad!

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  1. Yikes- sorry to hear that! I haven't been to this place- but if you want decent Mexican fare that's just as decent on the wallet- try El Tompo in Kensington Market. Owner Lucero Lopez is from Puebla and makes some really nice dishes- her tacos are good, as is her chicharron de queso (think toasted cheese on the griddle- no bread- just the cheese- it's really good). Ask for her Dulce de Leche cake- if she's got any left- you'll be glad you asked! Buen provecho. :-)

    1. Hi I was wondering, is this restaurant just south of davenport or nth of dupont. I noticed a mexican restaurant there and wanted to try it. Thanks for the heads up.

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        Hello Mr. Nice Guy,

        The place you are thinking of (Bathurst north of Dupont) is Dos Amigos, which I think is pretty good. Was there recently and had delicious chicken mole. It's a warm and friendly place too, so give it a shot.

        Here's a link to their site:

        La Mexicana is way far north on Bathurst I think.

      2. Cookbook - thanks for the reply - will definitely try it out! Derek.

        1. No worries Derek. Hope you have a good meal (I really hope so!). Oh- and on a non-Mexican slant- if you want WONDERFUL Turkish food- try Anatolia (it's one of my faves and I've never been disappointed- thank goodness!). Everyone I've ever taken there is smitten with the sigara boregi, the patlichan, the imam bayildi- a great vegetarian dish, and the kunefe dessert. Happy eating.

          1. We had lunch at El Trompo on Saturday - really enjoyed it! It reminded us of places in Mexico, especially the chicharon de queso.