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Worst Mexican Ever in Toronto - La Mexicana on Bathurst

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I recently had a craving for Mexican food and went to La Mexicana on Bathurst. This dirty little place was hot (a/c was barely working and it was 35 degrees outside), felt like an old basement and did not smell great. Now, onto the food. I asked for a bottle of water which was warm - the waitress apologized but did not bring ice until I asked. Who wants warm water on a boling hot Toronto day? The nachos were greasy and the oil they were fried in was definitely 'old oil' The salsa - my favorite Mexican food - was terrible.. like water.. watery, no taste, no flavor. I asked for Pico de Gallo (sp?) and it was disgusting - she charged me for it too and it was so bad! The tomtatoes were in the fridge and a few large chunks of white onion and some parsley - no corriander. Yet another disappointment. On to the mains - I had fajita's - and get a load of this - the chicken was totally plastic-like and covered in lawry's salt - gross. Like rubber. And on the skillet, which was dirty, there were 3 red pepper strips and one green pepper strip, 3 onion strips and that was it! My buddy had some sort of mixed plate which was equally as bad - no flavor. Perhaps this was due to what appeared to be asian chefs? In any event, yet another truly disappointing Toronto dining experience. All bad!

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  1. Yikes- sorry to hear that! I haven't been to this place- but if you want decent Mexican fare that's just as decent on the wallet- try El Tompo in Kensington Market. Owner Lucero Lopez is from Puebla and makes some really nice dishes- her tacos are good, as is her chicharron de queso (think toasted cheese on the griddle- no bread- just the cheese- it's really good). Ask for her Dulce de Leche cake- if she's got any left- you'll be glad you asked! Buen provecho. :-)

    1. Hi I was wondering, is this restaurant just south of davenport or nth of dupont. I noticed a mexican restaurant there and wanted to try it. Thanks for the heads up.

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        Hello Mr. Nice Guy,

        The place you are thinking of (Bathurst north of Dupont) is Dos Amigos, which I think is pretty good. Was there recently and had delicious chicken mole. It's a warm and friendly place too, so give it a shot.

        Here's a link to their site:

        La Mexicana is way far north on Bathurst I think.

      2. Cookbook - thanks for the reply - will definitely try it out! Derek.

        1. No worries Derek. Hope you have a good meal (I really hope so!). Oh- and on a non-Mexican slant- if you want WONDERFUL Turkish food- try Anatolia (it's one of my faves and I've never been disappointed- thank goodness!). Everyone I've ever taken there is smitten with the sigara boregi, the patlichan, the imam bayildi- a great vegetarian dish, and the kunefe dessert. Happy eating.

          1. We had lunch at El Trompo on Saturday - really enjoyed it! It reminded us of places in Mexico, especially the chicharon de queso.

            1. Sorry to hear about your experience. I've not been there in over a year, but when I was last there, the food was certainly not as bad as you report. The salsa has always been bland and they've never had air conditioning. But the pozole was decent, as was the menudo. And I have no idea about whether or not the cooks were Asian but the servers I've had were always Mexican.

              1. The meal I had earlier this year at La Mexicana (the yonge/bloor branch) was an all-time low. Mediocre, unmemorable (but not awful) food marred by sullen verging on hostile waitstaff. A Mexican friend he told me he ordered guac there once and was served something so liquid it was basically soup. I believe the owners are a Mexican woman and her Chinese husband.

                The best mexican we have is a little outside the downtown core + so still doesn't receive the praise it should despite reviews + praise: Rebozos (126 Rogers Rd. west of Dufferin), one table, a couple of stools and a "patio" -- and El Jacalito (1500 royal york Rd north of eglinton) in a strip mall basement. Really nice people at both. Really simple, delicious, inexpensive food at both.

                Off to check out a new tamale/churros place in Mississauga.....

                1. I work not too far from this Restaurant and have been several times with my boss & co-workers. Great food, well prepared and fresh! *I also ran a Mexican/Venezuelan kitchen in Yorkville a few years back. I will say however, the salsa is not great.

                  1. Wow, I'm surprised! It's not my favorite Mexican in Toronto, but I hit it sometimes just to satisfy the craving, usually when I'm feeling especially homesick (the Bathurst north location). It's been a while, so I have to check it out again to see what's happened. Their guac used to be pretty good, and spicy...
                    Then again, for my first choices, I'd go to Jalapeno (sorry, don't know how to put the tilda on the N), Dos Amigos, Milagro or El Sol...

                    1. I went to Milagro a few weeks ago and thought is was pretty poor. The chicken was overcooked (I had the mole)...and the service was terrible. I like Mariachi's...will have to go check out Jalapeno.

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                        You are absolutely right that Milagro has service issues. I am trying to be patient with them because they are still new and I hope they succeed, but it does get frustrating sometimes...

                      2. I would definately head to El Trompo... the Quesongos are the best! El Sol is also good however you have to have some time to spare or the $ to drink lots of Marguaritas as the service is slow!!

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                          After reading about the slow service at El Sol on this board and my sister's warnings based on her experiences there, I was surprized to find the service a little too fast for my liking on this past Saturday night. Our mains arrived when we were only halfway through our appetizers, and my husband and I eat pretty fast. We arrived around 8:30 p.m. and were finished and out of there in just over an hour! As for the food, we both enjoyed it and will definitely go back.

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                            I tried El Sol due to a lot of high recs on this site. I can't begin to say how awful of an experience it was. SLLLLOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW for sure, and then average food at best. The person I was with felt the same.

                            I happen to like La Mexicana and find it better than any of the competition that I've tried. It's weird about that place - all the varying opinions. What I can say is that I consistently see Mexicans eating there which may mean that it's not as bad as lots of people say. All that said, as I'm vegetarian, I cannot speak to the meat dishes. I can only speak to the basics - the salsa, pico de gallo, guac, the chips and all the other carbs... all good to me.

                            I even tried Tacos El Asador, a noted cheap and authentic place for similar (but not entirely Mexican food) - and I prefer La Mexicana.

                        2. WORST- LA MEXICANA
                          YONGE ST.

                          I went there a few days ago, I ordered soft shell tacos and it was soggy. The refried beans had no taste and found eyelash hairs in my taco sauce. I will never ever go back there again.