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Aug 6, 2006 10:52 PM

Maine wild blueberries @ Russo's

We went out to Russo's in Watertown for a gallon of milk and a few staples, and were delighted to find quarts of wild Maine blueberries for $6. I exercised some restrain and only bought I'm paying back for the pointer to local apricots, and letting the rest of you know!

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  1. I do not posess enough hyperbole to describe my feelings for Russo's. The armenian flat bread, the coffee, the gorgonzola dolce, the caprese sandwich. I calculate every trip in and out of Boston to include a detour to Russo's. And mind you I am a new yorker by birth and a long time foodie and a bostonian for more than 30 years and there is NO place better. SO THERE!

    1. Great tip -- I saw those yesterday as well and had to resist buying way too many. One other Russo's sighting I noticed was that they now carry some new (to me) refrigerated pickles -- kosher dills, both spears and slices, bread-and-butter slices, green tomatoes, and something else which escapes me now. I got some bread-and-butter slices and they were tasty and crisp, and not too sweet. Their plum selection is also approaching peak season.

      1. I've never been to Russo's. What's the story? Am I paying the same prices as a whole foods?

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          Much better prices than Whole Foods. Some prices even dirt cheap. Here's a link with directions. Go, you won't be disppointed.

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            I don't think I'm exaggerating to say that on average, you can expect to spend 25-50% less for produce at Russo's, for equal or better quality. Although as emilief points out, there's little that's posted as organic.

            Also, the cheese counter smokes any at Whole Foods, and that includes the good one at River Street: wider selection, better quality, lower prices, and they're free with the samples.

          2. Russo's is way chaper than Whole FOods. However, very little of their produce is organic. You really have to go if you haven't been- great produce, flowers, cheeses, homemade pastas, prepared foods etc. It iw a madhouse on the weekends.

            1. I have gone as far as doing an actual comparison of 20 items at Russo's vs the tmajor supermarket chains in the area. Can't find my old data, but WF was clearly most expensive, Russo's second most expensive, Roche Bros, Stop and Shop, and Shaw's/Star Mkt all being a bit cheaper and close to each other. Market Basket was considerably cheaper than any of the others.
              I love Russo's for the variety and the general experience, but the prices are not especially low and in many cased are on the high side. Good call on the pickles--they are Guss' from NY, they have been carrying them for abotu two years now.

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              1. re: AHan

                Actually these weren't Gus's pickles, unless Gus has changed his name. Some name with periods in it -- P.O.E. maybe?

                Re prices, I definitely agree that Russo's isn't super-cheap, but I find their quality (of the produce, at least) to be far higher than Shaw's et al -- generally as good as or better than Whole Foods, but at usually lower prices. Similarly, their deli counter is generally excellent -- the "Tuscan" ham (nothing terribly Tuscan about it, as far as I can tell) is cooked in-house and tastes like a real ham. The only place with better meats (and equally experienced people behind the counter) is Formaggio Kitchen, but the prices there are special-occasion-only. The other thing I really like about Russo's is that they often have items almost no one else carries -- Amish butter, sour oranges, Charentais melons, just to name a few. Always nice to be surprised by an unusual treat when shopping.

                1. re: MichaelB

                  I concur. Yes, Shaw's is super-cheap, and Super 88 is cheaper still, but in both cases, you get what you pay for. I'd rather pay a little more and get far superior quality.