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Aug 6, 2006 09:30 PM

desserts galore in montreal

Hi, I'm a pastry chef and I'm wondering if anyone can recomend some good bakeries/pastry shops, chocolate shops, or killer desserts at restaurants.


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  1. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but you'll get ideas galore by searching the board. For example:

    As for killer desserts, the consensus is that Brunoise's vanilla panna cotta with basil syrup and passion fruit pulp takes the, er, cake. I also had a couple of pretty amazing desserts at Au 5ième péché last week; look for my short write-up, soon to appear on a food board near you.

    1. i do not care much for dessert but i thoroughly enjoyed the desserts at le chou

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        Good call. Patrice Demers makes some of the freshest and most innovative desserts in the city, whether at Le Chou or nextdoor parent Les Chèvres.

        Also, as a pastry chef, AmandaRG should check out Demers's new dessert book. It's very affordable and there's reportedly an English edition (I've not seen it).