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Aug 6, 2006 09:24 PM

foodies on a budget in montreal

We're staying in Montreal for 3 nights and love food but unfortunately we are semi-recent grads and have to eat on a budget. We would love to eat french one night and basically just great food the rest of the time. Any suggestions? We have a car so if they're a little off the beaten path that's fine as well.

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  1. Do a search with keywords like budget, cheap and inexpensive. You'll find tons of ideas.

    You should also specify a per-person price range, especially for your French meal.

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    1. re: carswell

      Thanks, yeah we are looking for I would say around a 15 dollar meal or so. Less is always great, but I'm sure we can splurge for one meal if it's really worth it.

      1. re: AmandaRG

        Offhand I can't think of any French place where you can have a delicious dinner for C$15. It's hard to get out of even the low-end "faux" bistros like L'Académie and Au 917 without paying C$5 or C$10 more, and a meal worth remembering is probably going to run you C$25 to C$30 per. Will mull this over. But until someone comes along with a better suggestion, you might be best off thinking about having lunch in a French resto, which is often doable for around C$15.

        1. re: carswell

          I think Le Margaux would be doable for this price for lunch.

    2. There's a little restaurant on Marie-Anne called La Selva. I think it is at the corner of St-André, but I am not sure. It is a bring your own wine. It is peruvian, but basically they serve fish. The table d'hôte is 13,50$ + tax. That means a soup or salad, fish (tilapia or trout) or grilled chicken, dessert (chocolate mousse) and coffee. It is always fresh and very good. I had the avocado with shrimp (4,50$ more) and my cousin had the ceviche which was excellent also (4,50$) more. It is a husband and wife team, he cooks and she serves, and they are nice. I recommend it highly if you don't want to pay too much and have a really good meal.

      1. I thought of another one. It is an Afghan restaurant called Khyber pass. It is on Duluth between St-Denis and St-Hubert. It is a BYOW. It is really good and they have a great terrace in the back.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just a heads up on Khyber Pass - I could be mistaken, but last time I walked by I thought that Khyber Pass had been replaced by a place serving 'Iraqi and Syrian' food. I had a quick look at the menu, and it looked very interesting, lots of walnuts, pomegranates and such, seemingly similar to Persian. You should maybe have someone else confirm this though. There's a chance this place might be next to Khyber Pass instead of replacing it.

          2. I'm planning a similar regimen for next month (with one semi-splurge) and stumbled across a little book called "Cheap Thrills Montreal -- Great Montreal Meals for Under $15.00." I asked for feedback (see the Media board) on its reliablility, and the two replies I've had so for were very favorably inclined toward the book.