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Aug 6, 2006 08:50 PM

Indian in Montreal.


Does anyone out there have any suggestions for a good Indian place in Montreal?

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  1. For authentic food like excellent masala dosas try Maison Indian Curry at 996 Jean Talon West near Blvd. L'Acadie or Bombay Mahal across the street.

    Indian friends of mine say the best food is at the Golden Curry on St-Laurent near Laurier. I have had a curry there so hot it made me cry. None of these have overwhelming ambiance but the food is great.

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      I love Golden. I'm surprised to learn that your Indian friends consider it the best, but so much the better. For the uninitiated: always reserve, as it's a ridiculously narrow little place that seats perhaps 30 people in full sardine-can mode.


      Maison de Cari Golden
      5210 Saint-Laurent

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        I went to Golden on a monday night, thinking that it would be quiet, but the place was full! I had the dinner special with butter chicken, a spinach dish, and a beef curry. Everything tasted super fresh. I liked the fact that the spinach was still very leafy and not mashed to the point that it looked gross. The beef was perfectly seasoned and tender. The butter chicken had just enough sweetness. Overall, very very tasty.

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        I second Maison Indian Curry. It was by far the best and most authentic of the places I visited. I wish I had known about Golden while I was there.

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          I second, maison indian curry is the best indian non only veggie food I ate!! yummy

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            I tried Maison Indian Curry for the first time yesterday evening and I came with high expectations. The service is great, the place is obviously popular as it got quite busy while I was there. The prices are also great. But I found the food very bland. I ordered chicken jalfrezi and asked if they made it with green chillies. My server said no. I asked if anything on the menu was made with chillies, and the answer was still no. I came all the way from Brossard for some authentic Indian cuisine after reading the reviews, only to find they don't cook with chillies. Instead they use more or less hot chili powder, depending on taste. I can do better at home and I'm not even indian. What a disappointment.

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              The heat content in fresh chiles varies, sometimes by a lot, even from the same case. If you're aiming for cooking consistency, it's best to use powders and pastes.

          2. Kuljit India in Ville St-Laurent
            Malhi Sweet in Parc-ex
            Bombay Mahal buffet on Crescent Street
            Bombay Choupati in the West Island

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              <<Kuljit India in Ville St-Laurent
              Malhi Sweet in Parc-ex
              Bombay Mahal buffet on Crescent Street
              Bombay Choupati in the West Island>>

              I went to Malhi Sweet in Parc X this Monday. It was a disappointment. It certainly wasn't the worst indian food I've had, but it didn't live up to the raves. I ordered a beef briyani, butter chicken, sag paneer, and aubergine curry. All the dishes came slightly over salted. The butter chicken was ok, the chicken pieces were tender but scant; the sauce rich, perhaps overly so, and yet somehow still lacking in flavour. The beef briyani was under spiced, with little to no cardamon, ginger, cloves or other spices present. It was basically beef fried rice jazzed up with cilantro and onions. The sag paneer had a bit of a bite, but the cheese cubes were "squeaky" and dry. The best dish was the aubergine curry; being nicely spiced, redolent with chili, garlic, tumeric, onions and topped off with cilantro. The nan bread I ordered was crunchy and hard by the end of the meal.

              I'm really surprised that my meal was so underwhelming. Malhi Sweet has garned good reviews in the media and by word of mouth. The restaurant has had clients such as Catherine Deneuve and Leelee Solibyaski praise it.

              Incidentally, I didn't see any sweets in sight. The restaurant is called "Malhi Sweet", yet I didn't see any mithai (indian sweets) anywhere.

              My favorite Indian restaurant is Curry House on Bishop. Ben, the owner, is a real nice guy - AND a good cook. When he's in the kitchen or supervising, the food is always good. I love his version of butter chicken. It's not as rich as other versions, it's even slightly sweet with the addition of sultanas and dried papaya, and it's absolutely delicious. I've taken two south east asian friends, one a pakastani, the other a sikh, and both loved the butter chicken at Curry House. In addition, their nan bread is one of the best in the city. Soft, tender, melt in your mouth good; it's just great for mopping up the gravy from the curries.

              Incidentally, both Bruce Willis and Sir Ben Kingsley have eaten at Curry House. The actors were in Montreal filming a movie and stopped in for a meal. Bruce really enjoyed the meal and told Ben, the owner, he would eat indian food more often but his wife (Demi Moore at the time) didn't like it. Ben Kingsley, half indian himself, and no stranger to good indian food said that Curry House had some of the best indian food he ever tasted. And no, I'm in no way affliated with the restaurant. I'm only repeating what Ben, the owner, told me during a late Saturday lunch I had several months back.

              BTW, has anyone ever been to a indian restaurant called, "Nuehevli" in parc x? I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but it translates into "New Castle" in English. I think this restaurant is now defunct, but a couple of years ago, I use to go there and order up a storm. The food was absolutely fabulous; every dish was delicious. The prices were very good too. Unfortunately, the owners sold the place, and the food was terrible thereafter.

              I use to go to Allo Inde on Stanley fairly often. I stopped going for a while, went back a year later and found the food to be subpar. Don't know if that was just an off night, but I wasn't impressed.

              1. re: Chai Latte

                Not surprised at your mediocre experience at Malhi, mine was very similar.

                I'm told that this place was one of the first Indian restos in the area. Either the quality was better back then or people just didn't have anything to compare it to. Maybe the celebrity visits are from that era.

            2. I had amazing Indian food last Thursday in the west Island at a resto called "Karma" on St. John's blvd.

              Was rather expensive but well worth it. Presentaion, decor and overall taste was great!

              Nice place to impress some people and introduce to Indian.

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              1. re: risuma

                I too have been to Karma and was equally impressed although for a much lesser cost and just as good taste, you can't go wrong with Bombay Choupati on Sources Blvd.

                1. re: LIONESS

                  I'll second Bombay Choupati! The food is excellent and the waitress (she might have been the owner) was so attentive and helpful when I went.

              2. I was very impressed with the restaurant called Masala on Wellington (corner of Peel and Wellington). I think it's only opened on Friday evening though (the other nights are booked for Indian cooking lessons).

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                  Maybe it's improved lately but I had lunch at Masala about 6 months ago and it was very very boring. I know that Illyas can make good curry but this was toned down to the level of boiled brocoli and beyond-bland dahl soup. Maybe dinner is diffrent.

                2. My favorite restaurant is Sahib in the West Island, I love the setting, there's a section that resembles a British Style Pub and then they have an amazing dining room. The service is great too. I simply love the Chicken Tikka, Butter chicken and the Patiala. It's a must try.