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Aug 6, 2006 08:02 PM

I need some clarification about the Oberlaa in Vienna

I see that they have Konditorei & Restaurant combinations and a stand alone Konditorei. I can't recall from my past visits-am I likely to find any savory type take out food at the Konditorei or it will be just pastry type items? I'm taking my mother on one of those discount three day weekend winter trips to Vienna and am trying to make plans in case I have to bring food back to our hotel room for three days.

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  1. At the Konditorei type locations you will find only pastries and sweets at Oberlaa, at the other places you can also get other take out foods suitable for lunch or supper in your hotel room. But you have not to restrict yourself to Oberlaa for take out food. Vienna is currently experiencing a boom in restaurants of any kind, the overall number of eateries is now double that of Hamburg (a city of similar size)...

    Where will you stay ? I am sure that we local chowhounds could give you advice where to buy take out food !!

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      if you are looking to take away a meal or snacks, try Meinl (on the Graben) for packaged foods or other take out delicacies. Also, Treszneiwski (sp?) if about two blocks over (going toward Stephansdom) for tasting snack sandwiches--perhaps "to go".