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Aug 6, 2006 07:39 PM

Anyone try That Takes the Cake (Sara Lynn's Cupcakes)?

Just moved to the SF Bay area and trying to find a cupcake place similar to Sprinkles in LA. I checked out the Miette and Citizen Cake websites but it seems like they have mixed reviews. Sibby's looks good (plus it's near me) but I don't like the fact that there is no storefront and you can't just buy one cake to taste. That Takes the Cake showed up in another search ( but I haven't seen any reviews on them. Like Sibby's, it doesn't look like they have a storefront but their flavor selection looks better. Anyone try it? Thanks!

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  1. Will you be trying Miette and Citizen Cake for yourself? There are supporters as well as detractors. I was definitely in the "Miette--yecch, ptuii" camp after just buying their prepackaged cookies. Since then I have had many of their cakes and cupcakes and think they're a lot better than my first impression.

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      1. I had some recently and they were dry and tasteless. I don't taste the organic ingredients at all. Not worth your time or money. I am going to try Sibby's as I've heard they've gotten glowing reviews.

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