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Aug 6, 2006 07:13 PM

Search Help

I'm researching restaurants in Venice, Italy. I'm a newbie chowhound. Steve R responded to a lady's similar request mentioning he had posted some Venice experiences in April and that those interested should seek out that posting. I clicked on his username, but that didn't take me to anything he had written. Anyone got some clues for this technipeasant?

Thanks (Oh, NoRawFish? That's the only thing I won't eat!)

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  1. It's not very hard. If you look towards the top of the page, you see the Search option with the Advanced link next to it; click it. You do an advanced search using keyword "Venice" and with Steve R's username and under the Italy forum. The search will come up with 2 threads. Both threads have nice long writeups by Steve R.

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      And the reason you can't click on his username to see those posts is because they were made before the switch to new software. Clicking on a username will only show posts made since mid-June 2006, when the new software went live.

    2. If you go back to the Italy board, you'll find the Venice thread in today's listing. My post is on that thread... I brought it back to the top by adding a post. Have fun.

      By the way, since I notice you've added me to your tracking, I have my e-mail address on my home page intentionally if anyone wants to contact me. I suggest others do likewise so we can more easily get in touch with each other since there's no personal message function on CH.