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Aug 6, 2006 07:03 PM

Rincome Thai Restaurant in SFV

I have been chowing down on their dishes for years and would like to recommend this place to everyone. All the dishes I've tried so far are delicious, service is great, and prices are lower than most Thai restaurants. The chicken spicy noodles is a MUST TRY and the thai iced tea tastes better here than anywhere else. They also have combo meals that include a variety of your favorite dishes. Definitely the best Thai in the valley.

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  1. Hi... I like this local place well enough, mainly because its 2 minutes from home and they post coupons in the neighborhood mailer. Clean, inexpensive and friendly. HOWEVER, your statement as to it being "..definitely the best Thai in the Valley.." is a bold, bold statement, given the plethora of authentic options in North Hollywood's thai row, as well as the Wat Thai's weekend vendors. If, on the other hand, by "best" you mean most clean in appearance, you may be onto something. But as far as cuisine, value, and variety, " best in the Valley " may arguably be found about 5 miles east. Thanks...

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      I am aware of the options in North Hollywood and I would choose many of those places over Rincome. However, I was actually excluding North Hollywood when I wrote the "valley." I do know that North Hollywood is technically a part of the valley but then so is Thai Town in LA. Since the "valley" has evolved into such a slang term, I find that people have their own definitions of it. I guess next time I should be more region specific. But technicalities aside, I love Rincome and I am bold when it comes to my own opinions and tastes. Thanks for your input..

    2. Although all food is a matter of taste, any mention of Thai will bring debate.

      1. In the words of Alton Brown, "in Thailand there is a different pad thai recipe for every cook."

        1. We've been eating at Rincome for the past 6-7 years when I was introduced to it by a co-worker. We love the spicy noodles and the spicy chicken.