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Aug 6, 2006 05:19 PM

Livingstone Zambia (Victoria Falls)

Does anyone have any suggestions for dining on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls?
I know the Royal Livingstone restaurant is incredibly expensive. Is there anything reasonable and good near the falls or in Livingstone?
Reasonable means less than 20 USD per person.

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  1. The Royal Livingston is a very expensive hotel but it is worth having a sundowner at the outdoor bar facing the mist of the falls. Small monkeys may graze at your feet- it is lavish, spectacular, and worth it for drinks. The Royal Livingston shares an activity center with a cheaper (but still very nice) hotel called the Zambezi Sun. At the activity center, whilst booking your bungee jumping and helicopter ride excursions, there is a really low-key restaurant which reminds of a nice South African Spur. The burgers and fillet are fabulous and really, really fresh. I don't think it is more than $20 a person. You can also take a nice evening sunset cruise- watch the hippos on the banks of the Zambezi river. Those cruises come with dinner and cocktails and are reasonably priced. I travelled on one called the African Queen.

    1. For anyone else travelling to Livingstone:

      Squires is the "cheaper" restaurant at the Zambezi Sun. It has decent food and costs about the same as places in the USA. I felt it was overpriced for Zambia (and more expensive than equivalent places in South Africa). The dinner buffet at the main restaurant at the Zambezi Sun costs $35 which is an outrageous amount. Unfortunately, the Royal Livingstone/Zambezi Sun guests are kind of stuck with eating at the hotels there and they overcharge accordingly.

      There is a decent place in between Livingstone and the hotel complex in a new mall next to the Protea Hotel currently being built. Rhapsody's is priced about the same as Squire's but the food is a step above in my opinion.

      Also, if I were to go again, I would probably stay in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe rather than Livingstone. I know people don't wish to support Mugabe's government but the Zimbabwean side of the falls is much more impressive. Also, the town of Victoria Falls is nicer than Livingstone.

      1. Yes, in Livingston their is a great dining experience awaiting you. Open air dining above the gorge looking into Tanzania. The Zambezi river is below you having just spilled over Victoria Falls. The resturant is name after a rare but loca falcon, I am not sure about the spelling. I think it may be Anetez or somewhere close. Allow 3 hours for the experience. Call ahead for reservations. it is owned and operated by a South African who is interesting to converse with. Enjoy your experience there and the view almost matches the Falls. Darrell Long, Lima, Ohio ...I ate there in June of 07.

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          That is quite a view if you could see all the way to Tanzania from Vic Falls.