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Aug 6, 2006 04:42 PM

New Jang Su aka the Korean BBQ Burlington MA

I'm going to be in the area, and this sounds interesting, but I'm not familiar with Korean BBQ, and will have 3 kids, (who usually eat Chicken Satay when we get Thai food). What would you recommend?

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  1. I would recommend the barbeque because the meats are marinated and not spicy (unless you order the squid) and the kids might like playing around with the lettuce and rice combinations that they can make. My pups have been going since babies and some like it others just eat the rice (youngest!). The panchan is varied so they might like some of that too. BibimBop is the Korean "comfort food" and interesting but non threatening. Also a good choice to try if your kids like rice but some of mine hate things all mixed up and this dish is just that...my oldest loves all of it especially BibimBop for breakfast!!! Have fun!!
    P.S. My youngest and I went once and he loves the little dried fish they give you in the panchan...but to play with. He snuck some out in his napkin the first time, so when he asked for some the next time the waitress' eyes lite up and I kept shaking my head because she assumed he was going to eat them!!!

    1. I went for the first time the other night. Got the Bul Ko Gi and beef shortrib BBQ. I was disappointed in the quantity of meat we received. Maybe 6 little bites each (2 of us total) of meat. The meat tasted great, as did the sides, but we were kind of rushed by the servers and I left feeling a bit ripped off, as the total was $35 for just the 2 BBQ entrees. We also stunk of BBQ since the ventilation is not nearly adequate.