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Duck Fat Fries!

In Bon Appetit this month they highlighted a restaurant in Maine (named Duck Fat)and gave their recipe for french fries cooked in rendered duck fat.

Let me say, I do not fry at home. However the thought of making perfect french fries for my guests was tempting. They turned out terrific. They were a lot of work (frying once at a low temp and then frying again an hour later at a high temp to brown and crisp) but well worth it! The fries were delicious and perfectly cooked without being greasy. I'm not sure about how much the flavor of the duck fat came through though...

Anyone else cook with duck fat? What have you made?

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  1. I cook with duck fat whenever I get my hands on it. It has wonderful flavor in stir-fries or starting a mire poix, or just dribbled over a bowl of soup. Not for everyday eating, but so delicious.

    Right now I'm rendering a big piece of pork fatback for pork fat which I use a lot too. Friends can't believe I have low cholesterol.

    1. Duck fat and potatoes are a match made in heaven. If you're not up to making fries again, just cut up some potatoes and cook in a pot with a few tablespoons of duck fat, covered, for about an hour. You'll be amazed.

      Liquid gold, the stuff is.

      1. When I go down to Chinatown (I live in Los Angeles) I make a point to go to this one fresh poultry place, where they raise and kill on site. I get two ducks, cut off all of the excess stuff and get about eight ounces of duck fat.

        It's not a lot, but goes a long way.

        And yes, duck fat and potatoes are the best.

        So is frying bread in duck fat for toast.

        1. Duck fat fried potatoes are great, also roast potatoes w/garlic and rosemary. I tried cooking scallops once in duck fat and they weren't bad.

            1. hell yeah!
              duck fat is GOLD. render some, and cook quartered new potatoes slowly until tender in a deep bath of it (confit is the word for this techniqe) drain them, save the fat for the next time you want to use it, and reheat the potatoes in a hot pan lubricated with a small knob of the duck fat--a crumbling of soft goat cheese, a ladle of demiglace, and you've got the hottest poutine on the planet. i'm hungry just writing it down.

              1. Oh, my beloved duck fat. Lipid of kings. BTW, goose fat is ALMOST as wonderful.

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                  goose fat is almost as good, but so unwieldy to render, given the amount out of one roast bird.

                2. Where can I get duck fat in Los Angeles?

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                    Go to any grocery store and buy a frozen duck. Cut up and cook, reserving the fat. Am I the only one that doesn't see this as being pretty obvious?

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                      2 birds with one stone, right? (so to speak) no fresh duck where you are? pity. still my favorite poultry either way and favorite rendered fat.

                  2. Whenever I make Magret de canard I always trim the fat around the edges for cooking potatoes. I peel the potatoes, cut in large chunks and then par boil for about 15 minutes. I throw the duck fat into the pan with potatoes, some garlic and a bit of olive oil and cook over low heat for about 45 min. - 1hr for crispy potatoes. Sear the duck on both sides and then pop in the oven for 10 - 15 min depending on how large the magret is. A Friend in Gascony gave my the recipe for the perfect sauce to go with this and it is the simplest ever - about 1/2 cup of honey with several large spoon fulls of whole grain mustard - pop in the microwave for a few seconds and then stir. Add the juices from the magret before serving. Amazing combo!

                    And the best fries in the world (according to their menu) are served at Les Brasseries Georges in Brussels - http://www.brasseriesgeorges.be/
                    You have a choice of what type of fat you want your hand cut fries cooked in - beef, olive oil, goose or horse. The fries in goose fat are to die for!