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Aug 6, 2006 02:26 PM

ISO Really Good Fried Pork Dumplings

I've been to so many Chinese Restaurants over the years looking for the perfect Fried Pork Dumpling. You know, the ones with the THIN wrapping that crunch slightly when you bite into them. (I think they're called Potstickers in some parts of the world.) All I ever wind up with is those thick, gummy, gelatinous ones, that lay there in your gut, smoldering like a piece of burning rubber.

Some of the Dim Sum places used to push a cart around, frying up the little boogers right in front of you, but not any more. These were OK, at best, but still nothing to write home about. (Actually, I am home, but if I weren't, I wouldn't write home about them...)

The best I've had in many, many years of searching are the ones served at (are you ready for this?) the Chinese Noodle Bar at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. The problem there, of course, is that it's a 2+ hour drive, not to mention, when I factor in my Blackjack losses, those dumplings run in the neighborhood of around $70.00 a piece. I'm sure, with your help, I can find them right here in NYC, somewhere, at a much more reasonable price. Please help! Oh, and if you do find yourself at the Mohegan Sun, try the Fried Dumplings. They really are delicious!

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  1. Have you tried Dumpling House on Eldridge or Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry?

    1. I second Dumpling House on Eldridge. I haven't tried Tasty Dumpling but it's literally a sister restaurant to Fried Dumpling and has a similar menu.

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        I'm a huge fan of Dumpling House. But their dumplings are great only when the price (5/$1) is factored in. Ignoring the great value, I don't think these are the perfect dumplings the OP is looking for.

        1. re: Blumie

          Potsticker perfection is in the eye (or gullet) of the potsticker beholder. Foodluvngal may be seeking some perfectly regulated crescent-shaped beauty, whereas a native Chowhound in Shanghai is likely to tell your that THESE are potstickers to die for:

      2. Shanghai Cuisine on Baxter and Mulberry. Excellent fried pork dumplings.

        1. I live in CT and would happily drive past Mohegan Sun, into NYC and down to Dumpling House on Eldridge. It's awesome and I crave their dumplings regularly. Everything else on the tiny menu looked fantastic too and I only skipped it because I'm always only in NYC to eat 'houndish stuff and didn't want to fill up.


          1. This subject comes up fairly regularly - try searching the NY forums.