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Aug 6, 2006 12:59 PM

Birthday Dinner in Baltimore

Taking someone I love out to dinner for his birthday on Tuesday night. Any suggestions on where we should go? Open types of cuisine and budget. Doesn't necessarily have to be expensive or fancy, would just like somewhere special. We live in Baltimore and would travel some but don't want to go too far since we both have work the next morning.

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  1. There are so many good restaurants IN Baltimore that you don't need to leave town. But my fav place for special occasions is still Tersiguel's in Ellicott City. Great food, casually elegant setting. I keep thinking back to the day when the waiter very politely encouraged me to eat the radish that remained in my salad bowl so as not to hurt the feelings of Fernand, the owner, who had grown them in his own garden. How cute is that!

    1. Regarding the above: stay in Baltimore. If it were me you were taking out, and I know it isn't because my b-day is in Jan., I would want to go to Bicycle. Always top notch. Great fresh food. New chef/owner has not missed a beat. Also, Chameleon is terrific.

      But no matter where you go, please report back as to how it was.

      1. Most definitely CHARLESTON, great overall experience, superb food, great service, nice ambiance.

        Truly hard to forget

        1. Are you looking for something romantic? Perhaps you are looking to use this as an excuse to go somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily?

          If the birthday boy is not very adventurous and you want excellent food and service then the Charleston or Petite Louis are good bets. (Note: The Charleston can get PRICEY.)

          If you want something out of the ordinary, try Marticks's. You can go there and in ten years reminisce about the time you took him to that place and the old french guy served you dinner in his underwear.

          1. How is it possible that noone is suggesting China Star in Fairfax? I'm a NYer and its by far the most authentic chinese I've ever had.

            Have them explain the non-english menu to you, good stuff.

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