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Aug 6, 2006 12:51 PM

Pizza Crust & Grille, Somerville

New in Magoun Sq., where the surf-n-turf joint was. Pizza had a nice thin crust, could use a little more depth of flavor but fine. Very light on the tomato sauce. Cheese is I think processed mozz but way better than what Pini's (my former fave) has sunk to lately. Mushrooms were chunks of crimini. Promising. They have a flossy menu with the usual pasta, sub options. (And Jamaican beef patties!)
617-625,7555, 11am-10pm, free delivery $9 minimum.

Tried Mamma Lisa's and liked the crust but same lousy cheese as Pini's. I like the Sicilian slice at Leone's but haven't tried a regular pie.

Joe Pizza and Bocelli's are my favorites in the area so far but this new one is more convenient for takeout.

Thinking of writing Pini's and saying I'd pay for "premium" cheese and I bet others would. Still like their crust the best.

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  1. I'm glad someone else thinks Pini's cheese is gross. I've ordered from them a few times and just can't get into their pizza, despite rec's from others here. I'm not the biggest pizza-eater, and I'd rather hold out for Regina or Santarpio's if I'm having pie, but every now and again I get a jones and it would be good to have a decent pizza in the neighborhood. I'll check this place out -- is it the former White Sport? Boy they had some crummy food.

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      Pini's cheese used to be something I could put up with--not my top priority--but not these days. Yeah, I think maybe that was the White Sport a couple incarnations back, never went in there. Lots of changes on that block.

    2. You ever try the pizza at the Paddock in Somerville? It's really quite good.

      1. Hi there,
        I was just about to post asking for the best delivery pizza in Somerville. Of these places, which would deliver to the area between Kirkland Village (i.e. Dali Restaurant) and Union Square? thanks.

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        1. re: bella_sarda

          I think people in that area get delivery from Beauty's or PizzaRing. PR is terrible. I haven't tried Beauty's...

          But you could call The Paddock to check. It's pretty close to Union Square and they do deliver. Not sure about the new place at all.

          1. re: yumyum

            If you want to try something different Pic Nic on Main and Broadway in Somerville has a good Brazilian pizza (they have other flavors, but I can't testify to the quality) and wide delivery range. I although thought at least one of the places on Broadway (I thought Mama Lisa's) delivered.

            The folks I know in that area order from Cinderella's, but I can't see why as its not an improvement over pizza ring. The Snack Bar in Cambridge is more like a greek pie but is ok, and I think Andrea's near Tufts also delivers that far.

            1. re: yumyum

              You sure you're not thinking of Dial a Pizza? I loathe DAP.

              1. re: gini

                Oh yes. See I've blocked the name "Dial a Pizza" from my memory.

          2. is harvard house of pizza any good anymore? i don't know if they deliver that far, but i remember them being good 6 or 7 years ago. they were my standby when i didn't have time or energy to get to regina, which is, admittedly, in another league. mmm... regina...

            1. I do like Joe Pizza, but in Medford usually my money goes to Amici's on High St which I never see posted here. Nice chewy crust, baked in a hot oven, and dead-on seasoning. Joe Pizza is fancier and probably uses better ingredients (with a much higher price tag), so the cheese is probably better.

              For those who like the Paddock, Guiseppe kitchen on Boston ave has been doing a very similar pie since I have been going there and the current owner came from the Paddock and has kept the quality. (Cheese as far as I know is bought at restaurant depot as I see the owner there making purchases, but they have several varieties and I haven't found it particularly lacking.)

              Is the pizza at Bocelli's similar to DePasquale, also I heard they now serve pizza in the downstairs? I thought the red sauce (both with pizza and dishes downstairs) was a bit sweet for my liking, but I really need to check out boceclli's.