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Aug 6, 2006 12:21 PM

Shimizu Dinner Review

We had pre-theater dinner here last week and it was quite good. Two of us had the pre-theater prix fixe. At $29 pp it was quite a deal. soup or salad, we had one of each and both were fine. apps we had chicken yakitori (2 skewers, nothing special) and 3 shrimp shumai (OK) entrees were 3 rolls from many choices and sushi entree. (fish was fresh and tasty, dessert was ice cream or sorbet and we had the mango sorbet which i thought was overly sweet and green tea ice cream. also ordered 4 variety seaweed and endame beans. I really liked the seaweed, but found the sauce for it somewhat salty. Good inexpensive meal. Have not tried anything fancier there. Everyone except for one japanese table seemed to be having the prix fixe. Is everything else good there too?

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  1. I've been there twice for the omakase -- great variety, and amazing quality. Had yellowtail belly for the first time -- it was delicious. Giant sweet shrimp was good, and they fried up the head afterwards. Excellent omakase experience, and total was just under $100.

    1. I agree - a very solid restaurant. The prix fixe is a very nice deal.

      1. I agree with the earlier post about the sweet shrimp.They serve the tail raw and deep fry the head.I recently had the wild salmon sashimi and would highly recommend it. Your best bet is to sit at the counter and ask Shimizu himself what he recommends.He is always there and makes great recommendations.