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Giordano's is coming to Tampa!

www.giordanos.com. I don't work for them, nor am I from Chicago, but that food sure looks tasty. The new location is just north of Kennedy on Dale Mabry, in a now empty building that had a big auction (presumably a foreclosure) sign in front, now covered by a temporary sign.

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  1. Excellent, Anyrandgirl! Where? When? As a former Chicago area resident, I really appreciate finding out about this. Now, if we could just get Pizzeria Uno (not the chain, which has good pizza, but not the great stuff in Chicago) and Gino's East down here, we'd have quite a collection!

    1. Sorry, Aynrandgirl. I just discovered that I had clicked on the wrong part of your message and, obviously, there was more to it than just the headline. I'm still not used to the new board, yet.

      1. This is such amazingly good news! I grew up in the Chicago burbs and went to college in Chicago; Giordanos is, hands-down, my favorite Chicago pizza. I was just reminiscing with someone last week about their stuffed spinach pizza. I don't see that item on the menu, however (I do see a thin crust spinach pizza). Still, all of their offerings truly satisfy. Thanks for the tip!

        1. we had one open in Brandon about a month ago. we grew up south of Chicago and loved Giordano's, so this has been nice.

          1. ohhh... life is good! :D
            I visited a Giordano's while on a business trip to Chicago. Absolutely awesome pizza! Nobody does it like Giordano's! I've been trying to find some subterfuge to get my SO up there for a taste, but having no luck.
            This is wonderful news! Thanks so much for sharing!

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              I posted on this board back in August 2006 when Giordano's was not yet open. Its future opening in Tampa was great news. I used to live in the Chicago area and Giordano's had terrific pizza. I am sorry to say that something has happened in the last 20 years. I don't think that my tastes have changed that much, but perhaps I am wrong. Anyway, we went to Giordano's and it was not the pizza i remembered at all. It had a nice texture and an abundance of ingredients, but it seemed decidedly bland.

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                Wow! We just drove past the billboard on I-275 yesterday, and I pointed to it and said; "we need to get THERE!"...
                ---That I heard it was good by their historic reputation up north...

                I tried Windy City in Carrolwood for 'Chicago' pizza and it was really bad... I admit it was for their lunch pizza buffet, but they should use that to turn people on to their restaurant and food, not try to dish out hospital cafeteria econo pizza & even worse red-sauce pasta to the peasants...

                I was praying the anticipated Giordano's was going to blow me away as soon as I decide to cheat on Atkins, which could be any time now...

                Since I don't do it often these days, in an effort to get it right the first time, I imagined myself going in there and asking for their 'number one tastiest crustiest cheesiest pizza without a bunch of vegetables on it'...

                For the record I really enjoyed typing that last paragraph...

                Oh well...
                Maybe I'll have better chances if I order it carefully & descriptively like I do regular pizza... Well done, lightly browned cheese, meat cheese and oni-oni-ons only...

                We'll see how it goes...

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                  We had Giordano's in Kissimmee (I think --it was Orlando-ish) last year, and, frankly, it was lousy. Bland, from the cheese to the sauce to the toppings, and the crust had a very unpleasant soggy cardboard consistency. I have no intention of trying the one in Tampa unless I hear absolute raves on the street, and so far, I haven't heard a peep.

                  1. re: gfr1111

                    Just a note from another Chicagoan here. Our many locations of Giordano's in the Chicago area do indeed have terrific pizza. It's my favorite deep-dish pizza, in a city which started it and still specializes in it. I have not had it at any of their Florida locations, but they are very consistent across all their Chicagoland locations.

                    Also, the pizza to get is their "stuffed" pizza, NOT the thin-crust pizza. The stuffed pizza consists of two relatively thin crusts, one on the bottom, and one on top; between the two are the cheese and added ingredients (in this case, the word "toppings" would be a misnomer), and the sauce is on top of the top crust. The middle area of the pizza becomes a symphony of balance among the various components, and is sublime. I also love the crust along the edge, which is like an amazingly tasty, crunchy/crusty bread.

                    I can think of three possible reasons for those who don't like the Florida version: (a) people may be ordering the thin crust pizza rather than the stuffed pizza they are known for; (b) the pizza may be different there from up here (as is the case with Uno's, which is terrible except at its original location here); or (c) maybe the stuffed pizza there is the same as here but the handful of people posting just don't happen to like it (not everyone loves the same things, of course, although 41 locations testify to its popularity here).

                    I would love to hear if anyone has had the stuffed pizza at a Florida Giordano's as well as recently at a Chicago-area Giordano's and whether the two were or were not the same.

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                      Yes, the stuffed crust pizza is the only reason to eat at Giordano's. The Kissimmee location (on 192, just West of Disney's maingate entrance) has been there for several years.

                      I've had horrendous service the two times that I have chosen to eat-in, but thankfully they offer takeout and delivery.

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                        We had the stuffed in Florida. Not even close to good.

                        1. re: Miss E

                          I just had Giordano's last week in Chicago. It was good but I dont see deep dish 'za like that making it here in the hot sun. I mean, I can eat a whole pizza from Spris if Im hungry enough but I was really hungry the night I ate Giordano's and I was full after 1.5 pieces. Just too much bread/cheese. Best pizza I had in Chicago was at a little watering hole in Wrigleyville called Yak-sies. They had a pizza called "Tang Chicken" that was basically a buffalo chicken pizza. It was awesome.