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Aug 6, 2006 07:13 AM

Giordano's is coming to Tampa! I don't work for them, nor am I from Chicago, but that food sure looks tasty. The new location is just north of Kennedy on Dale Mabry, in a now empty building that had a big auction (presumably a foreclosure) sign in front, now covered by a temporary sign.

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  1. Excellent, Anyrandgirl! Where? When? As a former Chicago area resident, I really appreciate finding out about this. Now, if we could just get Pizzeria Uno (not the chain, which has good pizza, but not the great stuff in Chicago) and Gino's East down here, we'd have quite a collection!

    1. Sorry, Aynrandgirl. I just discovered that I had clicked on the wrong part of your message and, obviously, there was more to it than just the headline. I'm still not used to the new board, yet.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. This is such amazingly good news! I grew up in the Chicago burbs and went to college in Chicago; Giordanos is, hands-down, my favorite Chicago pizza. I was just reminiscing with someone last week about their stuffed spinach pizza. I don't see that item on the menu, however (I do see a thin crust spinach pizza). Still, all of their offerings truly satisfy. Thanks for the tip!

          1. we had one open in Brandon about a month ago. we grew up south of Chicago and loved Giordano's, so this has been nice.