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Aug 6, 2006 06:47 AM

Where's the best pseudo-Kobe beef burger?


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  1. LA times wenesday food section did the front page on this topic this week.

    Of course a couple of chefs commented that Kobe-style beef doesn't do well in a chopped form and the Kobe-style burgers probably only have a small % of it.....

    1. Try Mako in Beverly Hills. They do a Wagyu burger with Tempura Onion Rings just for lunch.

      click on the menu link then lunch. Just read a thread that he is also serving imported Kobe Wagyu(which is probably not on the regular menu - and probably going to be in a burger) so just make sure that the it is Americanized Wagyu burger.

      1. Haven't had much experience in this arena, but I particularly liked Lucky Devil's (along with their thick and tasty toasted pecan shakes made with frozen custard) in Hollywood.

        1. is lucky devils open on mondays too? i defintiely want to try that frozen custard shake if not the burger too.

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          1. In Sherman Oaks, both Max and Boneyard Bistro have very good versions of a Kobe burger, and yet the LAT did not even get into the 818 to discover how good they are.