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Aug 6, 2006 06:16 AM

La Biscotteria, Redwood City report--It's Great, everyone that likes focaccia, cannoli, biscotti must go!

Thanks Rworange for the tip a long time ago: This place is GREAT!! Angela, the front counter person, is the nicest, friendliest person I have ever meet. She lets everyone sample any of the many varieties of biscotti and even some focaccia. The cannolis are made fresh with good ingredients-mascarpone cheese, ricotta cheese, some wine, etc.

Focaccia and cannolis are only sold on Sat. so place your order early!! A week or two would be good..just call!! Sat hrs 6a-3pm. Once sold out that's it! Sign said Focaccia available 10am-3pm Sat only (sold in 1/4 sheets


The baker uses good ingredients in his products. His focaccia have ingredients fresh from his garden-such as rosemary, eggplants, potatoes, artichokes.

Biscotti are great-ask for samples, Angela is soo helpful. I'd get one of each if I had brought my checkbook.

Things I bought: Raisin Biscottini 16oz $9; Chocolate Hazelnut Biscottini 16 oz $9; Amaretto cookies plain $5; artichoke & pesto focaccia $7.

They sell panettone that you can buy $9 or $12, rosemary crostini $6, Italian breadsticks, Venchi Italian chocolates $4 a bar and up, chocolate covered figs $6 a bag, coffee in a can $10. I should have bought more, but didn' time.

La Biscotteria
2747 El Camino Real (@Oakwood Dr; across from Ferrari Maserati of Silicon Valley)
Redwood City CA 94061

Tues-Fri 6am-5pm; Sat 6am-3pm
Closed Sun and Mon

No credit cards allowed, so bring Cash or Checkbook!! If you buy online from their website you can pay by credit card and a special I just saw, if you spend more than $35 online-free shipping.


My pictures of the place here:

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  1. VERY cool pictures, hhc. You really captured the place. Really, those were magazine quality and the pictures of the cannoli were just cruel ... they had me drooling ... and a close-up shot too.

    Coincidentally, yesterday when I was trying to find an article in the Chronicle I recalled about quark, I came across this early mention of Augustine Buonocore,when he began his businss selling at the farmers markets (scroll down).

    At that time his mom and dad were helping out bagging the cookies and working the farmers markets.

    I'm glad Chowhounds are stopping by. This is just a charming little place, which you captured perfectly, and the baked goods are great ... sigh ... ONE of these days I'll make it down there on Saturday.


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    1. Are the cannoli filled wtih the lighter cream common in the bay area or the heavier cream common back east?

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        From the photo, it looks like ricotta, which is the only filling I've ever encountered in Sicily, New York, or San Francisco.

        Top-quality fresh ricotta is lighter than the supermarket brands.

      2. Angela from the store, told me the cannolis are made fresh with good ingredients-mascarpone cheese, ricotta cheese, some wine, etc (can't remember everything she said). It's authentic Italian cannoli. I would imagine they were be excellent, I didn't try them. Looks great though.

        The pictures I took were from someone's order that she was about to hand to the customer before me. I asked her if I could take a picture of them.

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          1. adding link:

            La Biscotteria
            2747 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061