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Aug 6, 2006 04:44 AM

Breakfast rec in Pasadena


I have to go on an errand to Pasadena from the Westside on Mon. in the A.M. I'll have 3 kids age 7-11 with me. I promised them a fun breakfast in exchange for going out there with me. Now I need a place to take them. Any recs?


P.S. we could also use something fun to do for about two hours before heading back home.

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  1. robins" restaurant caters to kids but is still palatable for grownups:

    kidspace museum would be a good and close diversion:
    (can't find their hours online
    )(huntington library is a good place, with room to romp, but closed on mondays)

    1. Folks, please keep the focus on food. Other fun things to do dilute our site's mission. Thanks for keeping it chowy!

      1. If they like pastries, I'd go with Europane: The aforementioned Kidspace is a Pasadena institution.

        1. THE place to have breakfast in Pasadena is Marsten's on Walnut. The french toast rolled in corn flakes is a kid favorite. I'm not sure if they are open on Mondays.

          My #2 pick for breakfast would be Mi Piace.

          Kidspace is really great. Bring a change of clothing for each kid as they have a fountain where the kids are encouraged to play in it (a'la Citywalk style).

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            I really don't understand the appeal of Marston's other than it's in what was once a house. I've been there twice w/ pretty much same experience. Very slow service (seems to be for the 2 hr breakfast crowd). Servers stand around talking together by the counter while customers try to get their attention & both times I went were weekdays after 9:30 AM. Food was decent 1 X but then I tried cornflake crusted french toast- very bland and greasy.
            With the kids I recommend Robin's, on Rosemead N of Foothill.
            W/O the kids- Julienne in San Marino.

            1. re: FoodMama

              I like Marston's overall, but it can be a mixed bag of experience depending on the crowd and who's serving. And yea, skip on the French Toast--which was bland. All the other breakfast items are pretty decent though.

            2. Oddly, there is food available at Kidspace. You'd think because it's under the auspices of Wolfgang Puck it would be good. It's at about the level of McDonald's. (Sigh.)