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Aug 6, 2006 03:10 AM

Solo Lunch in SGV

Is there any place that offers a great meal for the solo diner at lunch? I pass through the area with some frequency, but I'm always alone at lunchtime.

I hate to order a single entree that I can't finish and I'm hardly ever able to take the remains with me.

Can anyone recommend a place that caters to single diners that offers some sort of combo meal? I know about Luscious Dumplings; anyplace else?

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  1. I think a place with a large number of appetizer type offerings might fill your needs. One suggestion would be Jerome's discovery, 101 Noodle Express, 1408 E. Valley in Alhambra, where you could order their beef roll and/or an order of fish dumplings (depending on your capacity).

    1. Alot of the HK-sytle chinese restaurants have "lunch specials" for something like 4.95, which gives you a choice of an entree and enough white rice to feed an army. If you go this route, try MPV or NYC.

      Also, any of the HK-style cafes would be good options for solo dining at lunch time, like U2, Sunday Cafe, etc.

      For something much more casual (and quick) you could opt for any one of the Shau-Mei's where you can get combo plates with your choice of rice, noodles and 2 or 3 entree items.

      Dai Ho is another good option, as their portions are generally small enough that you can order a bowl of soup plus a cold appetizer and be full, but not stuffed.

      And, of course, there's the Hat ...

      1. Indo Cafe just near the corner on 4th at Main in Alhambra, is an Indonesian restaurant that serves several different rice plates for one person: a mound of rice surrounded by four or five small amounts of different meat and vegetable dishes. I prefer the Nasi Padang plate. They also have a Nasi Rames and a few others. Nice people, good food and pretty cheap. Most Indonesian restaurants offer this.

        1. Thanks all, great ideas to explore. Today I tried Yun Gui Garden, per J. Gold's review I tried the Mother's Frog. Wonderful spicing but a worthwhile challenge to eat. I'll definitely go back.