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Aug 6, 2006 02:51 AM

Sushi in Fresno

I'd like opinions on the best Sushi in Fresno. I obviously have my opinions but would love to hear others as well.

My top two are:

This place is aboslutely the best. It's not just the sushi, it's the staff and the atmosphere!!! It's hidden next to Red Robin in the Riverpark area. The head sushi chef/part owner Sunny is completely insane, in a good way :) If you are sitting at the sushi bar, look at the boxes to your right ..... that's me :) (The bottom row has a common name on all the boxes!! :) Sunny also studied at CIA (Culinary Institute of Art) and makes the most incredible dishes. He recently made a snapper that was amazing!!! On any given night, you might be able to persaude the sushi chefs to share a sip or two (or several) of sake with you.

Edo Ya
Don't know them as well, but always enjoy the sushi tremedously.

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  1. We used to like Oka and occasionally Zipangu, but it's been quite a while since we've been to either. Any recent experiences?

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      I haven't heard of Oka. Interesting, I will have to check it out. We go to Zipangu alot for Teppan because it's so cheap (but good) compared to the other places in town. I always eat sushi, but I don't remember theirs being spectacular. I'll have to go for dinner one night and have sushi and give it a try :)

    2. I tried Oka but found some of the dishes extremely salty. My vote goes to Sakanaya at Fort Washington.

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        My BIL has been raving about Sakanaya ever since their visit last week.

      2. I am personally a fan of Wasabi (First & Herndon). The chef there was formerly the chef at Sushi Day, and he took his creative spirit with him to Wasabi. Their white tuna is possibly the best sashimi in Fresno, and you can get a sense of the chef's creativity (along with the white tuna) in the W.W.J.D. You will be surprised by the presentation of that dish, which is one of the most interesting in Fresno. In general, presentation at Wasabi is several steps above other sushi places in Fresno, with quality slightly exceeding that at Oyama and Sakanaya. For non-purists, there are cooked sushi options that are competitive with the cooked sushi at Sushi n Pop.

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          Wasabi is very good, we also like Koi at Clovis and Herndon, I think.

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            I have to agree with you (jvgordon). Wassabi is the best sushi establishment in Fresno. I have been to the rest and they don't compare. Oka was our hangout for years, until ownership changed hands a few years ago. Just was not the same. I live near Sakanaya and wanted it to be the "Next" place, but their sushi was just okay. The atmosphere at Wassabi is great. Warning - it is loud with dance music and everyone having a good time.

            1. re: Bizkit

              Thanks for letting us know about Oka, Bizkit. Like you, it was our go-to place but we drifted away some time ago. We liked some of the dishes at Sakanaya, but as you said the sushi wasn't anything special. Last visit to MaRoo we had the Ahi and Salmon sashimi which was very good (if pricey) and great presentation, but have yet to sample their sushi rolls, still trying to work through the Korean dishes on the menu.

          2. I just want to add that Wassabi is the best environment for those looking to have a really fun time. The ambiance is great. The music is fun, slightly clubby & yes it is loud. It's a great start to an evening out with your friends. The sushi is AWESOME. They have some pretty creative screaming orgasm. But everything I tried I loved. I definitely recommend Wassabi.

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            1. re: Mznoitall

              Wassabi's atmosphere is lively and hip, no doubt about it. Plates are served brimming over with dry ice fog, and portions are so big they practically fall off the plate. My sharp server was a cherubic, Melrose Avenue hipster with multi-dyed hair and a a trim, feminine waistline. She sported a "Day of the Dead" tattoo, and had a complete knowledge of the many ingredients. But how about the food itself?

              I ordered the "Hole in One" which was a "Deep fried, stuffed tuna roll", steeped in oodon with thin noodles. This was a knock-down, drag-out miracle of plated sushi. It was texturally sumptuous, had unexpected flavors and a creative presentation.

              With this one under my belt, I was bracing for another impressive turn. I snatched up my first piece of "Cowboy", a salmon and cream cheese roll with crabmeat on top, I was nonplused. The salmon was, I think, grade three sushi, using the supplier scale. I've eaten at Nobu, Sushi Nozawa, Katsuya, and a couple places in San Francisco, and this salmon freshness grade was not up to par. The salmon grade, comingled with the crabmeat on top gave me pause as I stopped to contemplate freshness. This dish could have been spectacular if the sushi grade were prime. As is, however, it was a disappointment. $14.

              The foolproof shrimp tempura roll was plated with flair, satisfying and filling at $10.

              Next was yellowtail belly, off-menu. Firm, flavorful, but not the freshest I've had. It was served on a morsel of flavored rice, more palate-piquing than the fish itself. $7.

              Wassabi is hit and miss for me. Spectacular presentation and lively circuses can't hide the shortfall in sushi grade in some of the rolls.

            2. I Love Sushi in Clovis on Shaw was good. We bought the sushi chef a beer (we saw a sign on the sushi bar that said to make the chef happy, buy him a beer) and after we bought him the beer? He sent us a couple free things to sample. It was fun. The waitress didn't bring refills until we asked. Mr. Sushi in the Tower has yummy sushi, but crappy service. I usually have to remind the waitresses I need a refill multiple times. And the folks in our party couldn't hear each other over the insanely music pumping over their stereo system. But their prices and sushi is good.

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                Sushi Day on Nees and First is my go-to for sushi...always reliable!!