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Aug 6, 2006 02:21 AM

Business Dinner in Philly mid-Sept

Three colleagues in town on a Thursday night, looking for a good dinner. We all went to grad school there, so we're looking for something new and delicious, with gracious service and good wines. It's on our employer, so we're willing to spend; since we're flying in, probably not a BYO. I'd like to be in Rittenhouse Square, but Old City is also ok.

Here's where we've eaten recently:

Buddhakan (a lot)
Le Bec Fin.

Many thanks!

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  1. It's not new, but Striped Bass otherwise fits your description perfectly.

    1. Pasion. Not really new but probably new for you. Nice atmosphere, good drinks and great neuvo S. American cuisine. We have taken friends from Manhattan and they were impressed. Not an easy feat.

      1. In addition to the two excellent suggestions above, you might consider the new restaurant at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue, XIX Nineteen. It's supposed to be stunning, with a great view, and have excellent food.

        We are also fans of Vetri - smaller, quieter, wonderful food.

        If you are all fish/seafood eaters, Estia is a very beautiful place with terrific grilled fish. It's on Locust, across from the Academy of Music.

        1. If you guys are meat eaters and on an expense account here are three recommendations in order:
          1) Barclay Prime - Rittenhouse Sq. area
          2) Capital Grille - Broad and Chestnut (?)
          3) The Prime Rib - also Rittenhouse Sq. area

          Both BP and CG offer other dishes (fish, lobster) which I understand are very good. If you go to the PR, stick w/the namesake. If you go to BP avoid the very gimmicky $100 cheesesteak. But get the Kobe beef sliders app.

          1. Striped Bass is great. Also consider The Fountain at The Four Seasons...