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Aug 6, 2006 02:20 AM

Beard Papa - other flavors? [Moved from S.F. board]

So now that Beard Papa cream puffs has been around and has been rotating through their flavors for a while now, has anybody tried the other ones? (i.e. caramel, pumpkin, strawberry, and milk tea)

I've had the green tea (which wasn't that great) and the chocolate, which was OK but not as good as plain vanilla.

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  1. the pumpkin was surprisingly good.

    1. The milk tea was quite tasty. Perfect flavor, not at all bitter/oversteeped and I detected a little bit of bergamot. I am craving another one!

      The caramel was not good. It reminded me of Smucker's caramel topping. Artificial with a nasty aftertaste. Not recommended.

      Chocolate is weak. I was disappointed. Not enough chocolate flavor and too much whipped cream.

      I think I will stick with the vanilla unless it is a milk tea week!

      1. Vanilla is usually the standard for me. I really enjoy the pumpkin. Not too sweet, with a hint of spice. Strawberry isn't bad either. Hate the chocolate. It definitely tastes weak. I was hoping it would be more fudgy. I also don't like the green tea. It just doesn't taste right with the pastry. Haven't tried to caramel and milk tea yet.