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Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme Love

On the SF Board, a fan of Chipotle felt the Mexican joint across the street didn't measure up ... in fact, the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap far outclassed the Mexican place where the food was "tasteless and limp"

An eloquant plea was made to try the Crunch Wrap. Since I was the one who recommended the tasteless Mexican joint, I felt it was only fair to bite the burrito and try the Taco Bell offering.

Let me start this out by saying, despite my chain-loving life, there
are two places that are beneath me ... Taco Bell and Long John Silver. Taco Bell because their chicken to me tastes like it was marinated in lemon Mr. Clean.

So I didn't get the chicken, but I got the steak version. For fast
food, it really isn't bad and for a more filling lunch I might prefer this over a fast food burger. It is lots of eats for $2.99.

The Crunch Wrap is all about the texture. It is like nachos wrapped in a flour tortilla ... a tortilla that is nicely browned.

It has this great crispy texture. What looked like unnaturally red
pieces of tomato turn out to be thin strips of tortilla chips ... these were really an excellent texture and stood up well to the oozy jalopeno cheese mixed with the beef. there were also gratuitous pieces of fresh chopped green onion ... no cilantro after all ... this is for mass consumption ... but it worked.

There you go, a burrito the color of the Mexican flag ... red
tortillas, green onions and white flour tortilla.

And quite honestly ... I thought it was better than a cheesesteak ... with all that oozy cheese embracing the sliced beef. If they only had better quality beef this might even be a rave.

Now, it won't replace my favorite Mexican joint, but if I'm in an area where the choice is between a Jack in the Box Ciabatta, a Whopper with cheese or a Crunch Wrap ... I just might head over to Taco Bell.

The one thing I always did like at Taco Bell were the beans. They
weren't as good as my memory but not bad with lots of gooey cheese on top. Tried a packet of hot sauce ... vinegar and heat ... pass.

Here's a love letter to the Crunch Wrap.


And just to hopefully avoid discussions about the relative health benefits of this product ... yeah ... it is unhealthy ... so is most fast food and a real Mexican burrito isn't that healthy either. So this isn't trying to convince anyone who isn't into fast food to eat here. I hope that will be respected.

Warning: This must be eaten immediately or the texture is gone ... the cheese hardens ... not something to take home and eat the next day.

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  1. They are selling it for $2.25 in Chicago ... and agree that it is pretty good.

    1. Try the spicy chicken. Honest, it's good. I think better than the beef and when at Tex-Mex I get carne asada or carnitas because the (un-mole'd) chicken is pretty bland, usually.

      But ABSOLUTELY do not let these suckers sit. The turn to mush--like potato chips left in dip.

      BTW: I've never set foot in a Long John's. What is it like? The ads make the stuff look so good. Never been in a Sonic, no MacD's for years (not since the kids were little enough to force a visit), etc. No Red Lobster. My secret desire is to try them all but somehow cheap ethnic always wins out over chains.

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      1. re: lintygmom

        Thanks for the corrected link. I didn't check it the second time I posted. I fixed it above.

        Long John Silvers has a wierd vegetable taste to me which is expecially off-putting in their fried clam strips. The 'lobster' nuggets I had recently (ok, I got sucked in by the word lobster) were ok, but that coating is afwul to me. Gross ... gross hushpuppies.

        Yeah, is Sonic good advertising or what. If I ever get near one I'll stop. I wish they wouldn't advertise hunderds of miles away from the nearest restaurant. Yes I know it is lousy. Yes I know the Cherry lime rickey is the only thing to order. The commercials have me hypnotized.

        Let cheap ethnic win out. Red Lobster is horrible ... the food, the service, the decor. The only good thing there are those dill rolls ... or something like that ... some sort of bread thing. Too expensive for food that is beyond mediocre ... and I couldn't find any clam in the clam strips ... only coating.

        1. re: rworange

          I want broiled lobster tail and have yet to find this in the Bay Area. But then I want dirty crabs like in Philly (DiNardo's! With spicy fries) or in Baltimore. Dungeness is crap next to bluepoint.

          1. re: lintygmom

            The lobster scene has really improved in the last year in the Bay Area. I haven't seen broiled but you might post over on the Bay Board about it. Yeah, I'm not a Dungeness fan either. It tastes too watery to me. However it does have its place in cioppino.

            The trouble with the Red Lobster tail is ... a whole lot. First, they don't cook it correctly ... it is overbroiled and often dry OR rubbery. I think the tails are frozen and not off the fresh lobsters and there was something about them not even being from New England, IIRC ... to keep this board focused on chain chat.

            1. re: rworange

              I guess I'll never go to Red Lobster...

        2. re: lintygmom

          Red Lobster is the iHop of seafood.....

        3. What's interesting to me about the Crunchwrap Supreme is that the designers' primary assignment was to make something that would be easier to eat while driving.


          Taco Bell didn't *have* to make that item as unhealthy as it is. For example, the original version used real cheese; the current version uses a Cheez Whiz-like "nacho cheese sauce" that contains hydrogenated vegetable oil.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Yes, it's bad for you. Yes, it's fastfood. Yes, the two usually go together. Yes, you can eat salad the rest of the week.

            dietary info: http://www.dietfacts.com/html/items/3...

            16 fewer calories than a Big Mac and 3 fewer grams saturated fat: http://www.calorie-count.com/calories...

            But then take a gander at Quizno's classic Italian sub *no dressing* regular size: http://www.calorie-count.com/calories... !

            Again, we're not talkin' Cheez Panisse here.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              I want one with real cheese!! I'm hoping I can convince someone to make me one that way, but I always chicken out.

              1. re: LoDega

                Does taco bell even have real cheese in their restaurant?!

            2. Robert: Coconut oil is not a substitute for Crisco. Not for me. My husband HATES the taste of coconut. Won't even eat Thai curry.

              rworange: Let him grouse. More CrunchWrapSupremes for us! The only food I've been thinking about recently--walk the dog the two miles to the Taco Bell on San Pablo? Hmmmm... Get him a non-spicy taco--hold the salad fixings!

              And BTW, I'm not particularly a fan of Chipotle. Just another woman held captive by man's love for Tex-Mex. My spouse loves taco salads/Mexican salads. Repetitive craving.

              1. i tried one a week ago and it was ok. much better than most new feature t.b. menu items - i would try it again.

                1. LOL!! Okay, last year when it came out... it just sounded soooo good to me, but I made it past the promotion and forgot about it... then a few weeks ago, I was driving around and saw the promotion for the chicken one and almost drooled in the car infront of SO (A fellow hound who teased me endlessly about it!). That's it though, your post pushed me over the edge! Crunch Wrap, this week for lunch... Now all I gotta do is find a Taco Bell around here...


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                  1. re: Dommy

                    Okay... so this morning I found myself with a bad case of lunch planning (Meaning: SO got to the left over Thai first) and hence, no lunch...

                    So after confronting SO about it, he cheerily chimed back, "Heeeeyyyy... now you can try that Crunch Wrap..."

                    Gah! Almost two years of craving was about to come to an end. I soon found myself headed "to the border"... ;P

                    The first things that surprised me upon walking into a Taco Bell (After gosh knows how many years, maybe 10 or so...) was how CHEAP everything was! The crunchwrap combo with huge pepsi and a hard taco was under $4! They had this deal of you could pretty much PICK any 10 things on the menu and it'd be $8! Yeesh...

                    Luckily (?) this was one of the KFC/Taco Bell Hybrid thingies, so while getting the Crunchwrap, I could also indulge into one of my other guilty pleasures, KFC Potato Wedges...

                    Now, I realize, these things stopped being potatoes 10 step up the assembly line, but they are still SOOO good... The it's more like fried mashed potato really and since they do them in the same oil as the chicken, they get all chickeny tasting too... They are so salty and crispy and full of everything that makes fast food so addicting an evil... Anyway, yeah, they were still as good as I remember them....

                    As for the Crunch Wrap, I ordered the Chicken Supreme One ($1.99 so with the wedges my lunch also came to about $4) and was surprised at how big it was. When I bit into it, I admired how they built the darn thing. On one side, was the hot chickeny stuff. On the other the lettuce, tomato and sour cream. They were seperated by the tostada which kept each component seperate from one another so they both can be equally enjoyed.

                    But despite the size and structural integrity, it was a disapointment. The tostada inside wasn't nearly as crisp as I'd hope. The wrapper of the whole thing flabby and pasty. It wasn't a 'crunch' wrap, it was more like a 'chew' wrap. Plus, the Chicken in it was hardly recognizable. It was more like "chicken flecked spicy sauce" and the nacho cheese inside all kinda sank to the bottom as you are the wrap with your hands hamburger style.

                    Bleh... Ah well.. that craving killed and once again justification on avoiding taco bell for another decade or so...


                  2. Hello... The crunch wrap supreme enticed me back to Taco Bell after a dozen-year hiatus. It's everything one could want in a fast food item, being alternately crunchy yet unctuous, filling, and so easy to eat. The ergonomically pure method of eating something that large with one hand is a simple and guilty joy, to me. A breeze to eat while driving or walking. This item is large enough for a normal appetite, but I order two, and feel like a noble martyr when I set down the last few bites (of the second one) for the squirrels to fight over. It's akin to eating an octagonal, flying saucer shaped burrito!

                    1. I have been so ashamed to admit--I love the Crunchwrap. It's like smuggling contraband around (I eat Taco Bell? What? Where did you hear that?) It's good, it's cheap and it's all about the texture.

                      1. I don't know if anyone else was ever a fan of the double decker taco (hard shell taco wrapped in a soft tortilla with a schmear of beans in between--yum!), but this just sounds like a more portable, easy to eat version of that. I will have to tr it!

                        1. My husband and I tried this a few weeks ago after drooling over the commercials for weeks. It was love at first bite and we most definitely are NOT Taco Bell fans. I don't know what it was - the crunchy shell, the mixture of the textures and flavors - but we were in love. We only got one so we could split it (and not cause our bodies too much damage) and we were literally fighting over who got the bigger half.

                          1. Tried a few of these a month ago and couldn't believe how good they were and filling. I concur with another poster that the spicy chix was much better than the beef

                            1. I tried the beef because of this thread and loved it. I will try the chicken next time.

                              1. Sometimes I try to find a Double Decker Taco, but if I find it it usually has nacho cheese instead of beans. Which just seems wrong to me. Oops I meant to post this under erikka's post.

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                                1. re: reboehme

                                  Cheese in between the two layers?! Is that the supreme one maybe? I've never seen such a thing. Sounds kinda gross, and I like fake cheese.

                                2. wasnt a fan of the beef but the spicy chx with a side of nacho cheese is pretty tasty. have to say its even better as the 4th meal if you know what i mean:)