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Aug 6, 2006 01:24 AM

Pepsi Jazz - Black Cherry French Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Limeberry ... appallingly appealing

The strawberries and cream has the same artifical taste as Strawberry Nestle Quik or strawberry cereal. One person on the web said "it tasted rather a lot like cotton candy... but in a good way."


Most of the other web reviews were not that kind.

I don't know ... I kind of like it. Anyone else tried the other flavors?

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  1. Just bought my second bottle of the Black Cherry French Vanilla! It's working for me.......

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    1. re: shebop

      Yeah that first bottle was good enough for me to go back and try the black cherry today. Not bad. It is more on the cherry flavor and at least doesn't have that bad, perfumy vanillin taste that some vanilla-flavored sodas have.

      The cherry tastes like a diet soda though. The strawberry has less of a diet soda taste.

    2. I just bought both black cherry and strawberries & cream. Like them both, but prefer S&C. Haven't seen the limeberry!

      Does JAZZ come in other flavors too?

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      1. re: chocolate chick

        The Pepsi site only mentions the cherry and strawberry. I think they were thinking about limeberry ... maybe later if these first two sell. I haven't seen it either, but so far I've only seen the first two at one market.