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Aug 6, 2006 12:04 AM

Porky's: My new fave place for BBQ

Just got back from a dee-licious lunch at Porky's, which is located in Inglewood on Manchester, right near the Great Western Forum. It's in an old drive-thru fast food building that was once a KFC but there the resemblance stops.

Great ribs. Great pulled pork. Great brisket. Great sides. And if you really want fried chicken, they serve the Golden Bird variety.

I had the smoked chicken and a side of beans. The beans are especially good with little pieces of shredded pork and finely chopped onions mixed in. My companion had the pork ribs (which I've had before and loved) and she was amazed how moist and meaty they were. She also had the greens and a side of fried okra and liked both. On the way out, we got more ribs and a pound of pulled pork "to go" for tonight and tomorrow.

I've been to all the local BBQ places -- Woody's, Phillip's, J.R.'s, J and J, The Pig, Zeke's, Outdoor Grill, Santa Maria, Dr. Hoggly's, etc. Some of them serve some pretty good food but Porky's is now my favorite.

No, I don't own stock in the place. I wish I did because I'm going to be spending a lot of money there in the future. Here's the website...

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  1. How good are the ribs dry (without sauce)? That's the test for me...

    1. oh! I am going to have to give this place a try. I have been craving pulled pork and I live fairly close to this place.

      1. I didn't have the ribs dry but will try 'em that way next time.

        I should say I was also impressed by the size of the portions for the price. The brisket sandwich contains a half-pound of beef. It's one of those sandwiches that's way too big and messy to eat like a sandwich.

        1. The pulled pork is the best we have found since out visit to Florida. The beef ribs are really meaty and taste great. Wear old clothes! The Mac & cheeseis really good and the peach collber is out of this world.

          er... I like Porky's

          1. Ok, so the bf and I went to Porky's BBQ today for the first time. I had the pulled pork plate, which came with 2 sides, and some texas toast. I chose mac and cheese and the cole slaw. I was very pleased with it. There was 12 oz of pulled pork, so I got a "to go" box and brought the leftovers home. My bf got the link sandwich. He chose mild links. It was good but if you think you are going to be able to eat this like a sandwich you are wrong. There is the bottom piece of bread and a large portion of links on top of that and then the top piece of bread. I tasted one of the was good. I got the banana pudding to go. It was $4.99 for the pudding but it is a big bowl of it.
            I will definately be going back. I will have to try the ribs. Actually, there are alot of things I would like to try.