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Aug 6, 2006 12:02 AM

Going to dinner in sherman oaks/studio city area

My friends and I are going out to dinner tonight and we need some suggestions on where to go. Should be casual and good, and ethnic is preferred. Thanks in advance, I know this might be a hard one.

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  1. How about Carousel, on Woodman Avenue. Very good Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine. Not pricey and quite comfortable.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      You do mean Carnival, don't you Bob?
      But the comments are very appropriate.

      1. re: carter

        Yes, of course. Silly me. It's Carnival.

    2. Updated: Heard that someone in our group has an urging for good bread with our meal, vague I know, but if it narrows it down...

      Also, is indian food ok for picky eaters?

      1. Clay Oven Indian Cuisine is good. They have very good chicken tikki masala.

        14611 1/2 Ventura Blvd
        Sherman Oaks, CA 91403