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Aug 5, 2006 11:38 PM

healthy poutine? [Moved from Quebec]

is there such thing as a healthy (or healthier) version of poutine that doesn't stray far from the original?

yeah, I know that's like asking for healthy buffalo wings or chicago deep dish pizza.......maybe something with roasted fries instead of fried. lower fat cheese. lower fat gravy? hmm?


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  1. aux vivre does a vegan take on it with potato wedges

    1. Personally, I'm looking for low-fat foie gras.

          1. I know you can find low/er fat versions of the required ingredients but...some time one has to ask ones self is it worth it? Personally as someone who has had their share I have to say no.

            It’s along the lines of non-alcoholic wine or a three-wheeled car.