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Aug 5, 2006 10:20 PM

Kebab Cafe status

Anyone know if Ali has survived the power/renovation issues mentioned in prior posts and is back open?

Also, what's the phone number and location? The phone number I got from Verizon (718-728-9858) is constantly busy.

I fear that he's closed! Such a bummer in general and in particular because I was going to introduce my girlfriend to the wonder that is the Kebab tonight!

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  1. Sorry it's too late for last night, but Ali's number is 718-728-9858

    1. I tried the number today (Sunday) at 4:45 p.m. It rang once and then went to some sort of static-like nothingness, as if it were a non-functioning answering machine or something. I looked in on Thursday evening and it still looked the same as the last time I saw it, with things sort of piled up or standing around blooking the door. I wonder if he's taken a vacation or finally moved to the farm he wanted to go to so he could raise the fresh ingredients himself. I didn't see any sign on the door. I suppose one of us could ask his brother. He'd surely know.

      1. I heard from a friend that Ali is re-opening tonight. Not everything is ready but he needs to re-open -- he's exhausted and broke, and he says that business is slow in the neighborhood since the blackout.

        So this is the time to go, folks.

        1. I heard him interviewed on NPR this morning. He does anticipate reopening this evening. It sounds like the business is really hurting - let's hope we can breathe some life back into it!

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            I'm sold! I'll absolutely go! Where is it?

          2. The interview is at Sorry I couldnt link, so "cut and paste". Maybe I'll drop by tonite as well, right from work (5:30 or so).

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              (In other words, without the period.
              )Hey Steve, links work automatically. Just don't use a period or other punctuation or they'll get screwed up. And include the http:// of course. You remembered that, but you put in a period so it goes to a 404 page.

              Haven't been to Kebab Cafe, but since they're hurting, maybe I'll have to trek out there tomorrow or early next week. I like Queens.

              The location is 25-12 Steinway St., Astoria, NY. For a nifty map, I recommend punching that address into the awesome subway-ified google map at:

              More threads on KC:


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                Thank you. That is a nifty map!

                Hooray, Queens!

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                  I guess I have to stop ending sentences with the link. Or skip a space before the period. Thanks... I was wondering what I was doing wrong.

                  At any rate, I went over at 6pm and hung out with Ali, who was cutting up chickens and sauteeing a bunch of things that smelled incredible. I couldnt stay long enough to get fed, as he said that nothing would be ready till 7 or 7:30. The place was somewhat cleaned up. He told me that he hadnt slept for a couple of days trying to get things back in order and that his vacation plans had to be put off. If you can get there, you should. He needs the cash to start coming in again and he's an artisan & loves to cook.