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ISO First-rate Onion Rings and/or Fries in Durham/Chapel Hill

So where do Chowhounds go for top-notch rings and fries?

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  1. Town Hall Grill has the best I've had around here.

    1. I recommend the fries at Tyler's.

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        I second the recommendation for Tyler's fries.

      2. i second detlef's THG rec... their garlic fries are killer, and the rings, while not awesome, are of the shoestring variety, and he uses vidalias, which give a nice sweet finish to the dish.

        1. Milltown in Carrboro can do some great fries, but others have posted to the contrary on this board.

          Although not your typical french fry/ring joint, the truffle oil pommes frites at Riviera are to die for.

          1. I second the onion rings at Town Hall Grill ( had them yesterday). I like the fries at Federal and the homemade potato chips at Satisfaction.

            1. I second Federal's fries, which are seasoned with salt, garlic and parsley.

              1. oooh... forgot about federal. they do a great job, although it's generally so smoky in there that i lose my appetite despite the high quality of the food.

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                    i will when it's not 143 degrees outside... probably more pleasant that way.
                    milltown was a scorcher the other night, too, although i'm really looking forward to that patio in the fall, since the new hotel blocked the sun at the mule. *grrr*

                1. Since the subject of chips came up...I recommend the chips at Sandwich on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Made fresh, best I've ever had, I think.

                  1. Had Beerbattered Onion Rings at the Nickel in Hillsbough last week. Not bad! Crunchy. Not too much breading. Thumbs up.

                    1. I always forget about the Nickel. Their fries are also quite good.