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Aug 5, 2006 09:58 PM

Transplanted New York-er needs help! Philly BYO's and Center City delivery (Philadelphia)

I am new to the area and am interested in the best delivery options in center city (am living on delancey in the low 20s). In New York, there is great delivery everywhere, in Philly, it seems not so much. I was hoping for some suggestions for both good & cheap and good & not-so-cheap delivery in the area.

Also, I know that there are many excellent BYOs in the area, but I have heard less about other types of restaurants there. Any commments on good non-BYO eateries would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance to all those who find time to respond!

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  1. Lots of good restaurants near Rittenhouse Square -- LaCroix at the Rittenhouse (new chef, though); Rouge on the east side of the Square, Brasserie Perrier on Walnut between 16th & 17th, Le Bec Fin (if you're feeling rich, altho it's somewhat reasonable for lunch, Susanna Foo -- also on Walnut, Alma de Cuba, Barclay Prime -- all good if not great restaurants serving liquor & wine in the Rittenhouse Square area.

    1. For delivery, it's true that the number of places that deliver is somewhat limited in Philly, but you can use ( and they will deliver from many restaurants that don't do their own.

      1. You are very close to Audrey Claire's. They are excellent!!! Beulah suggested all the big names in the area, of course they are good. But Audrey Claire's is a local secret and just as good, if not better, than the better than the more $$$ places.

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          Thanks chowhounders! I will definitely check out these great suggestions! If anyone has any other thoughts on the subject, I'd love to hear them, too!

        2. For great, cheap, Indian Delivery, Minar Palace.

          For ungreat but still satisfying delivery, Marathon Grill.

          For pick up, sandwiches from Tastebuds at 24th and Lombard, brick-oven pizza at Mama Palmas at 23rd and Spruce, Gusto is decent as well, on 22nd half a block north of Spruce.

          1. minar palace has closed.