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Transplanted New York-er needs help! Philly BYO's and Center City delivery (Philadelphia)

I am new to the area and am interested in the best delivery options in center city (am living on delancey in the low 20s). In New York, there is great delivery everywhere, in Philly, it seems not so much. I was hoping for some suggestions for both good & cheap and good & not-so-cheap delivery in the area.

Also, I know that there are many excellent BYOs in the area, but I have heard less about other types of restaurants there. Any commments on good non-BYO eateries would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance to all those who find time to respond!

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  1. Lots of good restaurants near Rittenhouse Square -- LaCroix at the Rittenhouse (new chef, though); Rouge on the east side of the Square, Brasserie Perrier on Walnut between 16th & 17th, Le Bec Fin (if you're feeling rich, altho it's somewhat reasonable for lunch, Susanna Foo -- also on Walnut, Alma de Cuba, Barclay Prime -- all good if not great restaurants serving liquor & wine in the Rittenhouse Square area.

    1. For delivery, it's true that the number of places that deliver is somewhat limited in Philly, but you can use Diningin.com (https://www.diningin.com/Default.aspx) and they will deliver from many restaurants that don't do their own.

      1. You are very close to Audrey Claire's. They are excellent!!! Beulah suggested all the big names in the area, of course they are good. But Audrey Claire's is a local secret and just as good, if not better, than the better than the more $$$ places.

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          Thanks chowhounders! I will definitely check out these great suggestions! If anyone has any other thoughts on the subject, I'd love to hear them, too!

        2. For great, cheap, Indian Delivery, Minar Palace.

          For ungreat but still satisfying delivery, Marathon Grill.

          For pick up, sandwiches from Tastebuds at 24th and Lombard, brick-oven pizza at Mama Palmas at 23rd and Spruce, Gusto is decent as well, on 22nd half a block north of Spruce.

          1. minar palace has closed.

            1. La Lupe on 9th and Passyunk(walk south on 9th St. from Washington ave.) and Taquiera La Veracruzana on 9th and Washington diagonal from Giordano's produce in the Italian Market both deliver great Mexican food cheap too. The reason I give the location is that you probably won't find thier menu on a website if they even have one, although I could be wrong. You're best bet is to stop by and pick up a menu. Both are 4 blocks away form each other and it gives you an excuse to go to the Italian market and get your grub on...Another is a staple in my diet unfortunately, Lazaro's on 18th and South St. they offer huge slices for $2 and have other decent items too. Not the greatest, but Philly isn't known for thier pizza. It is a good cheap delivery joint with pretty good food though... My pizza place of choice is Gianfranco's for delivery, they have a place in Old City and in South Philly, good BBQ Chicken pizza(get mine with extra BBQ sauce). I live 3 blocks from you and these places all deliver to me. One last thing, be aware of Dining In's fees. Don't know exactly what they are but check them out as they can add some unexpected costs to your order.

              1. Some of the menus of places mentioned are on the Philly Menupages.

                It must be fairly new because I never came across this before whereas New York has had this service for a while. It is impossible to tell which places deliver though.


                1. For delivery (or eat in, BYOB), Square on Square is an excellent Chinese restaurant. Near 19th and Chestnut.


                  It's better than your average Chinese restaurant (definitely better than the place on 20th, just north of Spruce).

                  For pizza, I moved away from the 2000 block of Delancey three years ago and still order delivery from Towne Pizza at 19th and Pine. It's a little doughy, but they use fresh ingredients. No canned mushrooms!

                  For take out in your neighborhood (not that you asked for cheap take-out, but the humidity and temperature will go down eventually), try Kitchen USA, the sketchy looking deli/convenience store at 20th and Spruce. The sandwiches are tasty, and you can get 6-packs of beer to go.

                  For take out or eat in, Mama Palma's on 23rd and Spruce. They serve beer, but you can bring your own wine. Thin crust pizzas with great ingredients and fantastic salads.

                  1. Sorry, but I definitely have to disagree with Towne Pizza. I live a half a block away and I wish that they were even half decent. There is no way the dough is made in house. It must be from Sysco or something. I've tried it over 5 times now hoping that it would get better but it didn't. Just my personal opinion.

                    1. For delivery or take out- Phoebe's BBQ on South Street between 21st and 22nd. Yummy

                      For BYOB my favorite place is Las Caszuelas on Girard Avenue near 4th street. Very creative mexican from the Oaxaca region and a family-owned restaurant. Love the grilled cactus salad and everything I've ordered. You can bring your own Tequila also and they'll turn it into margaritas!

                      1. thanks everyone! I've tried mama palma's and am excited to try tastebuds, but there haven't been all that many non-pizza delivery suggestions. any others?