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Eglinton Town Center

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I might be going to a flick at the Cineplex at Warden and Eglinton. Does anyone know of any decent places to eat nearby? I know about the chains in the parking lot, and there's Pho Saigon and Krispy Roll over at the corner, but have I missed anything?

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  1. Armenian Kitchen at 1646 Victoria Park between Eglinton and Lawrence is great. Also type in Eglinton and Warden in the new search and it gives you quite a few suggestions. By the way, I love this new feature I could never find anything before!!

    1. Shirin Kebab House - it's 1880 eglinton ave e, unit 69 -- it's on the north side of eglinton, just east of vic park and just west of the turnoff for the theatre. Killer Turkish kebabs.