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Aug 5, 2006 08:52 PM

Houndin' Around the World - Dubai

I'm looking for the best of the best in Dubai (a la previous posts) - from local spots to five star places.

My buddies are sharing a room at the Burj - I'm staing at the Al Qasr (sp?). Any feedback on food / lodging would be wonderful.

Thanks guys,


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  1. Last time we were in Dubai, we ate at our Hotel, The Ritz Carlton, at midnight, as we ( I ) got sidetracked in the gold souk !!! As your friends are staying at the Burj, the sister property, Jumeriah Beach hotel has about 18 restaurants, and obviously there's the underwater one at the Burj. We never had stunning culinary action in Dubai, but definately amazing hotels, and very acceptable food. The wine is very pricey.
    We went for drinks at the burj on another visit, it was fun for the views and the experience.

    1. If the "burg" is the big fancy 7 star hotel, I'm not sure of the name, I hear the Chinese restaurant there is fablulous. We are going in Oct. and it was recommended to us.

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        1. Fellow Hounds. I live in Dubai, been here for five years so feel qualified to comment on this esteemed board!

          I would not recommend eating anywhere in the Burj al Arab hotel. The food is very mediocre for the 7-star prices they charge. Close to the Burj is both the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Madinat Souk (which also has the Al Qasr and Mina al Salem hotels). Between these two places there are about 30 or more restaurants.

          The best restaurant in terms of food is Gordan Ramsey's restaurant 'Verre' which is in the Hilton Hotel on the Diera side of the creek.

          If you would like specific recommendations, or if you have any more questions on Dubai please post again and I will try and help!

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            Thanks - I would agree on the Jumeirah Restaurants.

            I dug Asha's, which is in Wafi City - tasty, 'modern Indian' food. A little PF Chang's-y but really good.

            I have also heard that Verre is the best place in the city - when I was in Dubai a month ago it was temporarily closed due to renovations, so I missed out.


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              HMHB, Coming back again on Sunday for four days and stay at Shangri-la. Last time ate in the three hotel restos. Any suggestions are very much apreciated

            2. automatic restaurant for arabic food/shawarma

              don't miss it

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                automatic, al mallah - best arabic food and cheap eats

                sukho thai @ le meridian

                the italian place @ dusit hotel
                italian place @ crowne plaza

                any place on the marina