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Aug 5, 2006 07:04 PM

Pho Binh - on hiatus, or down for the count?

They were half-shuttered on the Wednesday night after the Queens blackout started, and when I went by last night they were fully shuttered. I have a bad feeling.

Interestingly, I noticed on the next block (73rd St), almost back-to-back with Pho Binh's store, a new place, not yet open. The awning read something like "Pho and Noodles" There was Korean writing and also what looked like Chinese (didn't notice any Vietnamese writing, but then again I was driving, and probably shouldn't have been searching the awning for clues!)

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  1. the blackout had no effect -- directly, at least -- on pho binh. i live two blocks away and can vouch that full power stayed on throughout the 'hood for the duration. not sure about the new place, although there has been a fair amount of activity on 73rd the past few months, including the opening of the very good, very under-the-rader om tibet. will check out the scene later tonite to see what pho binh might be up to...