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Aug 5, 2006 06:46 PM

How do you keep your lettuce fresh?

You guys hooked me up with the best way to keep ginger fresh (in the freezer), what about lettuce? I can't ever eat a whole head before it goes bad. Any tips?

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  1. If you are asking about plain old iceberg lettuce. I remove the core nad any loose limp outer leaves. Rinse in cold water and leave to drain in a colander about an hour. Then I wrap it loosely in dry paper towels and in an unsealed plastic bag and refrigerate in the crisper drawer. It keeps well for over a week.

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      I very rarely eat iceberg lettuce as it just tastes like water. My advice would be to buy only as much as you need for a few days and use it or lose it.


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        I do the same thing with ice berg lettuce. For loose leaf lettuce, after spinning the excess water off, I roll the leaves up in paper towels and also put that into an unsealed plastic bag.

      2. For heads of lettuces, i wrap the head in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag. The lettuce is completely wrapped. Everytime I have salad, I change out the paper towel. I store the plastic bag into the crisper drawer. I also use this method to store other green leafy vegetables as well as broccoli, carrots, radishes, etc.

        If the lettuce comes in a bag or box, I try and wrap the leaves into a paper towel and change it out everytime I make a salad.

        I find that I can have fresh lettuce for well over a week, almost two weeks.

        1. I wash the leaves, spin them in a salad spinner, dry
          them a little more with paper towel, then I line a
          pyrex (glass) bowl with dry paper towel, put the lettuce
          in there, cover with paper towel and the glass lid of
          the bowl. I store it anywhere in the frig.

          1. i wash and spin them in the salad spinner, then pour out the excess water.i put the lid of the spinner back on and stick the whole thing in the fridge. keeps for about a week (but lettuce never goes uneaten for that long over here).

            1. i wash them, dry, then wrap them in paper towels and roll them loosely, put in a plastic bag.

              i read it in the field guide to produce book and my lettuce lasts a week or more... =)