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Aug 5, 2006 05:43 PM

Minnesotan Chowhounds coming for a visit

Four of us are coming to NYC for a long weekend at the end of the month. Two of us are vegetarians, but we are all interested in good food at a fair price.

We are not looking for the tourist traps, but would really appreciate recommendations for restaurants that deserve our attention, and would not need months in advance reservations.

I'd love to hear your recs for 'neighborhoody' spots that make an effort to use local/in-season ingredients. Any cuisine is good, but keep in mind the 'veggies' please.

Also, while anywhere in Manhattan would be best for us, if we must venture out into the boroughs, let us know.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Caracas Arepas is a great inexpensive East Village neighborhood spot that iirc, offers a decent share of vegetarian fillings.

    Hopefully the likely increase in crowds due to a recent rave review in the NYTimes will subside before your arrival.

    fwiw, a search of the board will definately bring up some reviews from recent visitors who tried out various vegetarian spots.

    have a great visit

    1. Spent some time with the vegetarians last night, and we talked about cuisine preferences.

      Maybe if I narrow down some choices, I'll get some more recs. We are staying near Times Square but we are comfortable getting around to any neighborhood.

      We are looking for recs on the following:
      Indian-prefer location that has meat, but is veg friendly

      As well, throw in any other ideas you have.

      1. In my opinion, Chola on 58th between 2nd & 3rd Aves is your best bet for veg/non-veg Indian.

        1. are some things that come to mind.

          For Thai cuisine, I'm a fan of Klong . It's down on St. Marks so you get a very "downtown" vibe in the neighbourhood and the clientelle is mostly young, college student types - probably since the prices are also quite cheap (I don't know where else in NY you can get a whole red snapper for 16 bucks). The food is tasty and the menu not only has many vegetarian dishes straight out, but also allows substitutions of vegetarian duck (delicious, not like mock duck at other places at all - my fiance's favorite), chicken, tofu or veggies into any of the meat dishes.

          On the UWS, Pasha is a Turkish place I like
          Pricier than Klong, but less loud, more dim quiet type of atmosphere. Not many vegetarian entrees, but tons of vegetarian small plates that always leaves my veggie fiance stuffed. She swears by their Imam Biyaldi while I love their Manti.

          For an interesting Indian place....I suppose I could suggest Tabla Bread Bar in the mid 20's near Madison Square Park. It's the cheaper, quicker, sister restaurant to Tabla which is directly upstairs. I don't recall them having many vegetarian entrees straight out, but they do have a lot of options for smaller plates. You can check their menu out there:

          All these places you shouldn't have TOO much of a problem getting a table at during prime hours (by too much I mean more than a 30 minute wait at the bar), but reservations never hurt anyone.