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Aug 5, 2006 05:30 PM

Cooking supplies in Baltimore?

Just moved to Baltimore, and I'm looking to replace some of my ancient (and mostly ruined) pots and pans. Any recommendations for places that sell good quality, heavy cookware in the City (or nearby)?

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  1. In the City, check out A Cook's Table in Federal Hill.

    1. You might want to give DePalo & Sons a shot. They're a local restaurant supply co. that sells to the public.

      1. Unforunately, a Cooks Table is no longer.

        1. I walked into Martin Bamberger a couple of years ago and bought some baking supplies. Their contact info is: 4110 Pinkney Rd. Baltimore, MD 21215; 410-358-9700.

          The Maryland Restaurant Association site has the following list (includes DePalo, thanks for the heads-up):

          1. You may also want to try the Sysco outlet in Elkridge , it is on Washinton Blvd about a mile south of Rte 100 in a small strip center.