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Aug 5, 2006 04:24 PM


FINALLY made it to Angelini's the other day and wanted to say that the Chowhounders' recommendations were spot on! All the best dishes we had were those recommended by others on this board.

Outstanding were the tripe with cuttlefish appetizer and the branzino. We also tried the lobster salad, pasta shells stuffed with crabmeat, pasta with eggplant and ricotta, figs with gorgonzola and dover sole.

Waiter recommended sole...I have to say that it was just okay. Next time will try the John Dory fish special only one regret that I did not order.

My husband is from Italy and found that many of the dishes reminded him of home. He said the tripe was just like his momma made! He also enjoyed the torta de la nonna for dessert.

The waiters were quirky. Perhaps not the most professional, but definitely nice.


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  1. Next time definitely try the Lasagna(secret ingredient is Chicken Livers)and the White Truffle Pizza, it's spectacular!!

    1. Thanks, russkar! Yeah, we were definitely more in a seafood mood, but I definitely will return to try the lasagna, John Dory, etc.