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Aug 5, 2006 04:06 PM

Flora Kitchen (Rita Flora)?

I've done some searching on this board regarding how the dining experience is at Flora Kitchen on LaBrea, but everything seems to be from 1 year ago or more. Has anyone been there lately? I've looked at the menu and wine list on their website and it really looks great...but before I venture there, I wanted to find out if anyone had been there lately and what the overall opinion was. Thanks!!

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  1. It's a cute cafe in a flower store and has been there for many years. Obviously, it is not haute cuisine and not the worst place to eat either. I've always like their food from year to year. I have not been there for about 2 years since I have moved to another part of LA. Friends and relatives who have eaten there with me have always enjoyed the atmosphere and food. It is what it is. Take a chance or stop by and look around, you can enjoy the flowers at the very least. :)

    1. I went about 3-4 weeks ago for breakfast on a Sunday. I had some egg thing with some kind of cheese. It was awful! Hardly any cheese and just yuck and very expensive as far as eggs go. There were flies everywhere and it was really hot.
      I ate about 2 or 3 bites of my food and couldn't eat anymore and when the girl came to take my plate, she said nothing about the fact that it was still full. She had not been over to see how things were and it had been a long time, my friend was done.
      I would not go back, there are so many other great places in that area.