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Aug 5, 2006 03:36 PM

Non-Ultra Pasturized Milk/ Citric Acid

Does anyone in the City, know where to find Non-Ultra Pasturized Milk. Or milk that has only been Homogenized. I want to use it for cheese making and my recipes all require non-ultra pasteurized milk.

I am also looking for a supply of citric acid. The regular grocery stores do not carry it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Is ultra-pateurized milk the norm there? Because it isn't in this area (San Francisco) except for whipping cream. Most milk is simply pateurized, which is okay for cheese making.

    1. Ultrapasteurized milk is quite rare in Chicago except for organic. Milk is normally homegenized and pasteurized. Whipping cream is the opposite story; good luck finding some that isn't ultrapasteurized.

      Citric acid is available at practically any Middle Eastern grocery. I got mine at either Al Khyam Bakery and Grocery (4738 North Kedzie) or Andy's Fruit Ranch (4733 North Kedzie). Get some pita or lavosh fresh from the oven at Al Khyam while you are there. They are far better than anything you will find in a grocery store.