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Aug 5, 2006 02:50 PM

Cleaning calphalon non-stick--any suggestions?

Does anyone have a tried and true method for cleaning calphalon non-stick omelet pan? I've never used pam-type sprays, which I know can leave a residue, and I've always used nylon pads with Dawn or Joy, but I still can't get off grease left over from caramelizing onions, or other cooking adventures. I've also tried Dawn's "Power shot" and oxy-clean. No go. My non-stick pan is not so non-stick anymore, and I'm thinking of reverting to my old cast iron pan, which is heavier, but seems like a lot less work.

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  1. Baking soda, baking soda, baking soda. Cover your damp pan, leave it alone for hours. Most of the junk should wash off. Any left?--Repeat.

    1. I've tried that glass-cleaning liquid I get for my stovetop with success. It has helped and hasn't affected the cooking surface at all.

      1. I am not familiar with Dawn's Power Shot but do keep their Power Dissolver on hand at all times. Last night I had a pan with burned on pomegranate molasses from glazing a duck. Set it in the sink and sprayed liberally with Power Dissolver and this AM just rinsed it clean.

        1. Nonstick pans are great, but only if the perform like they should. After checking with, they had a few good suggestions. The most effective cleaning method will be to use Soft Scrub brand liquid cleanser (I use the one in the white bottle with a green cap) and a blue Scotch Brite pad or Dobie pad. After a thorough scrubbing, all of the nonstick properties that you are looking for should return. Incidentally baking soda is not recommended by the manufacturer and may damage the pan. If it turns out the pan is still not working like it should I would recommend contacting Calphalon. I have dealt with their warranty in the past and their service was top notch. I imagine they could send you a new product under the warranty. Hope this helps!

          1. I clean non-stick and cast iron pretty similarly. I add water when I'm finished cooking, when I get to cleaning up I put the pan on high and boil the water. In cast iron I'll scrape the pan with a spatula to loosen anthing stuck to the bottom, in non-stick this isn't important. When the water's boiling I'll pour it out and wipe with a paper towel, if the pan is really greasy I might do the boiling procedure twice. I might lightly scrub the non-stick with soap, I never do this with cast iron.