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Aug 5, 2006 02:21 PM

7 Numbers....another night out for Cheap Eats

Hello all,

We went to 7 numbers last night after hearing out great the food was.

As per usual, we share a few appetizers and a main. We had the salmon rolled with mascarpone and fennel, antipasto misto, calamari, and then the rabbit.

The salmon was good but without surprise. It was smoked salmon, it was good and that is about it.

The calamari itself was cooked well; that is not overcooked and rubbery but the batter was aweful! It was doughy and soggy nothing like the wonderful crispness that I was expecting to surround the wonderfully cooked little rings.

The antipasto misto was fabulous consisting of some very delicious marinated sour eggpalnt, a gorgeoius slice of some wonderful cheese, some spicy sliced cured meat, pepperonata, a delicious little potato fritter, and a little asparagus fitter. The eggplant was heavenly as was the cheese.

The rabbit was by far the best course of the night. It was a tender and generous serving. A copius amount of sauce pooled on the plate screamed for some torn litle hunks of bread to be left while the rabbit was savoured so that it could soak up every last drop!

The service was great. The patio is charming as long as you don't mind eating in close quarters with your neighbour.


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  1. We went to 7 Numbers a few weeks ago having fond memories at Gio's.

    Have to say that it was completely disappoint. We ordered the calamari too and it was just greasy and soggy. Yuck.

    We also had the osso buco. It was terrible. The cut was more charred than browned and the flavour of the sauce was MIA.

    Agree, the only thing we enjoyed was the anitpasto misto.

    The service was friendly and keen, but it didn't make up for the ambiance or the lack thereof being wedge in between 10 other dinners.


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    1. re: alech


      That is too bad. The rabbit was very it worth another try?

      The calamari was horrid! I don't know what it is with calamari. I have sampled it in many many restaurants and it is rarely done perfectly. Honestly the best I have had it at a Toronto Festival called Taste of the Danforth which is a mostly Greek area.


    2. I eat at 7 Numbers at least once a week, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER had any bad meals there! It's not fancy food, but it's good and the price is right as well. It sounds as though you weren't happy with the environment, and this influenced your time there. As I said, I've been there about 50ish times, and it's always been quite good!

      1. My family have dined there every so often since it first opened. We really enjoy it, the atmosphere is fun, and the food is generally good. The one bad time was when they had mahi mahi as the special and it was AWFUL! One end was overcooked, the other end rare, and the middle was still frozen! So we sent it back and replaced it with the sexy duck leg. However, that was just the one bad moment. I really enjoy the various plates they offer and the last time we went, Jake Gold (of Canadian Idol fame) came in to eat!

        Actually, my hubby and I had our tenth anniversary dinner there but if you're going for a romantic occasion, ask to be tucked into a quiet(er) area, such as the banquettes past the bar.

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        1. re: sierramum

          That is funny because when I was just there I saw Jake GOld as well. I suppose he agrees with the food.

          To the poster above...I like the atmosphere. I really liked most of the food. My only objection was to the soggy calamari.

          I would certainly go back and just avoid the calamari.


        2. The first time we went, my daughter ordered the calamari. Took two bites...and that was it! I think she ended up eating half of her dad's plate. But the one dish for sure that hubby ALWAYS gets is the scallops. He really enjoys those (as do I!). :-)

          1. I find 7 numbers very hit and miss. I went to 7 numbers about a month ago with a party of 5, and the service was subpar, they lost our reservations, and there were many complaints about the food. The rabbit was all bones. The bread never came until we grabbed it ourselves. The old 7 numbers on eglinton was better than the new one on danforth.

            I prefer 5 doors north over 7 numbers, if at least for the fresh focaccia! =)