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Aug 5, 2006 02:19 PM

Best Thai food in Indianapolis?

Hi midwest chowhounds!
My husband and I adore good, fresh Thai food. We had a great restaurant we loved in Bloomington--Esan Thai--but it's too far to drive there for a quick meal. We haven't found anything we love in Indy; we tried Thai One On in Broad Ripple, but weren't really impressed, and anyway, it's closed now.

Desperate! Ideas?

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  1. Our favorite is Thai Spice ( ) down on County Line Road in Greenwood. If you order the food hot it will be hot. I really like the sun dried beef appetizer. Their curries are good as are all of the seafood dishes that I've tried. My wife ordered a full steamed fish on one trip. Our server warned us that it would take quite a while to prepare so while we waited we grazed through several appetizers and a spicy shrimp salad. It was a great meal.

    We also like Thai Cafe ( ) in Broad Ripple. It's good basic casual Thai. Try the red rice for something a little different. The menu selections are fairly limited, but I've alway found everything pretty good.

    Sawasdee on 86th and Ditch is also pretty good. They have an extensive menu. It's definitely a family operation. The owner works the front of the house and relatives from Thailand handle the cooking. Definitely worth a try if you're in that part of town.

    Hope that helps!

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      I have to disagree with the recommendation for Thai Spice. I ordered the Pad Thai, and not only was it overpriced, it wasn't very flavorful. My husband didn't like his meal there much either. Maybe we are spoiled since we just moved here from Seattle, where there are more Thai restaurants that you can count, but I'd rather not eat Thai food again than go to Thai Spice.

    2. Thank you! I've never seen Thai Spice (we don't get to Greenwood very often) but I know where the other two are. We'll definitely try Sawasdee. and we may have to make a trek south to Thai Spice! Thanks for the recs!

      1. I've heard that Thai house on 86th and michigan is good. I'm trying it tonight, so we'll see...

        1. A second vote for Sawasdee. Take out is often the best option as it is a pretty small place and always packed.

          1. I also had a great meal at Thai Taste in Castleton last week. Good basic Thai food and great service. It's in the same stripmall as Trader Joe's on 82nd St.


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              Thai Taste is one of the better, if not best I have found. Every Thursday evening they have a buffet where you can sample a little of everything (well almost). The first Thursday of the month, the buffet is vegetarian, so you may plan accordingly. It's a small place, be there by 6:30 or so and enjoy.