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Best Thai food in Indianapolis?

Hi midwest chowhounds!
My husband and I adore good, fresh Thai food. We had a great restaurant we loved in Bloomington--Esan Thai--but it's too far to drive there for a quick meal. We haven't found anything we love in Indy; we tried Thai One On in Broad Ripple, but weren't really impressed, and anyway, it's closed now.

Desperate! Ideas?

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  1. Our favorite is Thai Spice ( http://www.thaispice.bz/ ) down on County Line Road in Greenwood. If you order the food hot it will be hot. I really like the sun dried beef appetizer. Their curries are good as are all of the seafood dishes that I've tried. My wife ordered a full steamed fish on one trip. Our server warned us that it would take quite a while to prepare so while we waited we grazed through several appetizers and a spicy shrimp salad. It was a great meal.

    We also like Thai Cafe ( http://indianapolis.citysearch.com/re... ) in Broad Ripple. It's good basic casual Thai. Try the red rice for something a little different. The menu selections are fairly limited, but I've alway found everything pretty good.

    Sawasdee on 86th and Ditch is also pretty good. They have an extensive menu. It's definitely a family operation. The owner works the front of the house and relatives from Thailand handle the cooking. Definitely worth a try if you're in that part of town.

    Hope that helps!

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      I have to disagree with the recommendation for Thai Spice. I ordered the Pad Thai, and not only was it overpriced, it wasn't very flavorful. My husband didn't like his meal there much either. Maybe we are spoiled since we just moved here from Seattle, where there are more Thai restaurants that you can count, but I'd rather not eat Thai food again than go to Thai Spice.

    2. Thank you! I've never seen Thai Spice (we don't get to Greenwood very often) but I know where the other two are. We'll definitely try Sawasdee. and we may have to make a trek south to Thai Spice! Thanks for the recs!

      1. I've heard that Thai house on 86th and michigan is good. I'm trying it tonight, so we'll see...

        1. A second vote for Sawasdee. Take out is often the best option as it is a pretty small place and always packed.

          1. I also had a great meal at Thai Taste in Castleton last week. Good basic Thai food and great service. It's in the same stripmall as Trader Joe's on 82nd St.


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              Thai Taste is one of the better, if not best I have found. Every Thursday evening they have a buffet where you can sample a little of everything (well almost). The first Thursday of the month, the buffet is vegetarian, so you may plan accordingly. It's a small place, be there by 6:30 or so and enjoy.

            2. Here's another vote for Sawsadee. I am from Boston and am fussy about thai food. I think the food there is the best thai food I have had in Indy and has improved since they first opened.

              1. If you do decide to head down to Bloomington, try the new My Thai Cafe -- definitely the best Thai food I've had in the Midwest, San Francisco, New York, Northern Virginia,and Portland, Oregon. That might sound over-the-top, but this charming place serves seriously good food. One note of caution: Their "hot" really is hot, so watch the spice.

                1. Honestly, I'd run the other way from Thai Cafe in Broad Ripple. The horrible experience I had there with both food and service is way too lengthy for description here. That was a huge disappointment to me since it is the closest Thai restaurant to me.

                  I would recommend Sawasdee and Jasmine Thai off of East 96th for both food and service. The Fishers area seems to be full of Thai restaurants. I guess it's time to do a little more research!

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                    Thai Cafe is absolutely terrible. I've had 3 dishes there and they taste like fish sauce or badly made food that taste like fish sauce. I love Thai food and my experience with it is this: I first tried Thai at Thai Smile in Muncie, IN. Amazing!! Every dish is perfect. Panang and Massaman to die for. It is the healthiest most interesting restaurant on that college campus. I have since tried Jasmine Thai in Fishers, IN. Not to bad. Not great. I had Sawasdee on 86th and ditch. Lesser then Jasmine..no Jasmine Thai. I did live in Portland, OR for a year..just 7months ago.. in the asian most district(Montavilla). And there were 5 Thai restaurants within walking distance. Bai Yok was my favorite. 3 amazing ones overall. Missoula, MT has 1 amazing Thai restaurant called Sawatdee. Mindblowing! So far Indianapolis is a major bummer on Thai food. I've heard that a 2nd Indiana Thai Smile was opened somewhere near Indianapolis. If so I'm banking it's the best Thai around these parts.

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                      Thai Smile in Muncie is garbage. Their curries are straight out of the can, the dinner portions are skimpy, the "Basil" item on the menu had absolutely zero basil in it last time I was there, and the curry puffs are an overpriced joke. I'm sorry that Thai Smile was your entree into the delectable cuisine. Buy your own curry paste and coconut milk and invest in a cookbook.

                      Also in Muncie is Thai Kitchen (South Walnut). It's no worthy foe, as it in the daytime serves as a hoosier greasy spoon. It's a tad cheaper, but portions are minuscule, they know nothing of plate presentation or fresh ingredients, and I had the absolute worst pad thai EVAR there. Give the Chinese 10 minutes and they'll mop the floor with Thai cuisine locally.

                      I've dined from Queens to San Fran to the ping pong drenched shores of Pattaya, so I know a little something. Actually, the best meals I had in Siam were Indian...

                      Just my two bits.

                  2. I am obsessed with Siam Square in Fountain Square. Everything I've tried has been fantastic...I always order the Pad Ped, Kapow, Pad Seuw, or Drunken Noodles "hot," but I've heard people request "Thai hot" or "beyond Thai hot."


                    1. Another vote for Sawasdee. They expanded their dining room a few years ago so it's much bigger. Siam Square in Fountain Square is new in the last six months. I have eaten there several times and enjoyed it very much. There is also Jasmine Thai on 96th Street in between Keystone and Allisonville. They have very good lunch specials.

                      1. Thai Cafe' is horrendous. Thai Spice, however offers the best Thai food in the Indianapolis area. After lamenting the crap I've encountered at Thai Cafe and Taste of Thai to a Hmong-American friend, she and her husband introduced my partner and I to Thai Spice in Greenwood. Um...we didn't try their pad thai; frankly, pad thai...as good as it can be is not the yardstick by which I measure a new(to me) Thai place. I'm a Chicago transplant and having enjoyed the plethora of authentic Thai cuisines that city offers, Thai Spice easily ranks with the better Chicago Ameri-Thai joints: Opart, Roong(RIP), Rosded,
                        Amarit. It's no TAC, Spoon, or Sticky Rice, but it excels midrange.

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                          I've eaten at Thai Spice several times in last few months when in the Indy area and agree that it is the best for many miles around--their Tom Kha Gai soup was the best i've ever had anywhere. Can't wait to get back.

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                            Sawasdee on 86th and Ditch is by far the best Thai in town. I frequent Sawasdee about once a month. The owner is Ty. His wife's mother and wife do the cooking! I am stuck on the Green Curry. It is fantastic! I would also recommend the Chicken Satay for an appetizer w/ the peanut sauce. Yum! My friend orders the Pad Tai or the Drunken Noodles when we go! ****Excellent!
                            There is also a new Thai place in Castleton called Thai Orchard. This place has a little more ambience than Sawasdee and is equally as delicious! I also think it is a little more pricey than Sawasdee.